Our Latest Addition to the ByFerial Image Consultant Training Team

We are sure that you are aware through your own research that we have successfully built a brand within the image industry. We can assure you this has been achieved with lots of hard work, and dedication in hope to support and help our own image consultants? worldwide.

The ByFerial image consultant training has become one of the most recognized names within the image industry not only in the USA but also globally.

It is now time to move on to the next phase of our business, by growing our team and training others to be a part of this expansion. This will allow us to continue to grow as well as allow others to share in this growth.

We are excited and would like you to help us welcome Janine Dezius to our team. Janine brings with her a wealth of knowledge that will help us move to the next level of our business.

Meet Janine:

?Janine Dezius is married with two beautiful children, and comes from a corporate background. During her work career, she has worked for A Stock Brokering Firm, A Law Firm, A Car Manufacturer and Microsoft for 8 years before having her children.

During her time at Microsoft she was given many opportunities to study (completing her Marketing Certificate) and to travel.? Janine was fortunate enough to be able to travel around South East Asia launching a new product.? It was also during this time that she found she had a natural aptitude towards software and picked things up quickly.? She also met and married her husband whilst working there.

After having her children Janine felt it was time to re-enter the workforce again and went on to work at Wesley Mission for 3 years.? It was during this time that her eyes and heart were opened to many things that go on in our community that are often sheltered or hidden away.? It enabled Janine?s compassionate side to flourish and assisted in areas helping the youth in our community.

And now Janine Joined our team and this is what she said,

?I have known Ferial for many years.? I have seen her work through Mums on a Mission and the amazing charity work she has organised for those less fortunate.? I have constantly admired her style and grace.? I have always had a passion for the ?latest thing? and I am looking forward to working with the By Ferial Team and learning more about how to apply my new found knowledge and sharing that knowledge with others?

I am sure you will be interacting with Janine soon, as you do please welcome her to the ByFerial team.



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