Your New Year’s Resolution to Become a Certified Image Consultant

We at ByFERIAL know that sometimes life throws you a curve ball and distracts you from your goals, and sometimes circumstances force us to defer those goals like today?s economy, but let me tell you there has never been a better time to get into the Fashion and Image industry. Everyone from individuals to corporates is polishing their appearance therefore creating more work for image consultants worldwide. And for that reason the image industry is one of the fastest growing industries nowadays.

New Year Resolution

A research study was conducted in 1972 by Professor Thomas F Cash. He found that 23% of women are dissatisfied with the way they look, a generation later the number of women dissatisfied with their overall look had more than doubled to 48%. What this means that there is a huge market for all of us to tap into.

A little while ago you approached us inquiring about your dreams to start a new career? and a new life. And we were proud and exited that you choose us to help you reach your dreams. But somehow along the way, you lost sight of why you contacted us and we lost contact with you. However at ByFerial, we take pride to help individuals to achieve their dreams.

Below you will find three option that you can select from to start your dream:

  1. Basic Training: our Online Certified Image Consultant are offered for those who would like to refresh, revamp or get into the image industry and have little to no knowledge. This training is a good introduction to enrol in until you do your face to face training.
  2. Intermediate Training: Certified Professional Image Consultant is offered to those who want to take their passion to fashion into a profession. This training is a good way to start and build a professional business.
  3. Advance Training: Certified Master Trainer & Lifestyle Coach is offered to those participants who sat through both our Basic and Intermediate training, or at least our Certified Professional Image Consultant, proved a high quality and professional services, would like to expand and take their profession to the next level by sharing their wealth of knowledge and training others and nurturing them to succeed.

?I know what it is like to turn you passion into a profession, if I can do it anyone can?

Therefore if you are interested in getting into the Fashion and Image industry or would like to polish and refresh your knowledge now is the time. Today is the day. Call us NOW and let us help you reach your dreams.

ByFERIAL Training courses are accredited and certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). I believe this is one of the biggest factors to ByFERIAL?s success. As a Certified Image Professional and color consultant I know how important it is to be internationally certified and recognized, I believe this is one of the biggest draw cards to our business.

Happy New Year from Ferial & the ByFERIAL Team.



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