The New 16 Season Color Analysis


It is not always the expertly applied make-up or the style of an outfit that bring out the glowing good looks of many celebrities. Many times it is the color choice of their ensemble that enhances their looks. The study of color and its applications within fashion and interior design is called color analysis. After years of experience as a color analyst using the 12 season system, Ferial Youakim realized something was missing from the traditional system. After years of research, ByFERIAL firm developed the 16 seasons system that is also known as the 4X4 Color Analysis System.

The Four Seasons/Groups

Four seasons or groups comprise traditional color analysis. Spring represents warm and light colors. Summer has cool and light hues. Autumn has warm, deep, and fiery color properties. Winter is characterized by cool and deep colors that are contrasting bright and dark. These are the elements of color that fashion experts and make-up artists use to mix and match outfits and display fabulous make-up color combinations. The four seasons foundation of color analysis remains but ByFERIAL Image Consultant firm added a category for consideration during each season. The reason that the firm deemed this category necessary is because the four seasons and their traditional three categories did not represent all colors upon careful research.

The Gray Area

ByFERIAL realized that to develop their concept of a new color class they had to think outside the box created by the traditional four seasons category. They began to study the work of color theory pioneers like Albert Munsell who determined that hue, lightness, and purity are the basic color characteristics. Using Munsell’s early work, ByFERIAL discovered the component used to describe the colors missed by the four seasons model. They called this gray area ?tone? that represents a specific color muted by gray.

The Categories of the 4X4 Color Analysis System

The new color system is called the 4X4 Color System – 16 seasons which integrates four categories into the traditional four seasons groups. The ground breaking new system provides color coordination for all skin tones. The categories associated with each season are pure, tinted, toned, and shaded. The pure type of color is the truest and most vibrant of the hues associated with the season. Tinted color features a lighter version of the season’s specified color. Toned color displays the color that is tinged with gray. Shaded shows a deeper pigmented version of the color. Each season has colors within these categories.


For an expert color analysis using the innovative 4X4 Color System – 16 seasons, ByFERIAL offers consultative services with certified 4X4 Color Analyst. The system is fast becoming popular in international markets, and ByFERIAL Image Consultant Firm can provide information about how to become an Accredited & Certified Color Consultant in the Universal 4X4 Color System. The unmistakable influence that the new system will have on all areas of design across the globe prompted the product launch of our new third edition swatches scheduled for February 2014.



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