My Best Friend Is My Personal Shopping Assistant. Is She Doing A Good Job?

The Way You Dress and Put Yourself Together Can Say A Lot About You

Fashion is much more than just throwing some clothes together! Fashion is a mind frame, a lifestyle or better yet a way of life. What you put on can say a lot about you (whether you intended it to or not) because of how people perceive images. For example…How many times have you seen someone who looked like they just rolled out of the bed? Chances are they probably did, but what if they didn’t and the only reason why they reflected that “rolled out of bed” look was due to lack of fashion advice or because of not knowing how to properly use make up? What if they felt they just didn’t have the time or the tools needed to highlight their best assets? Did you know that with the help of a Certified Image Consultant, you could get the formula needed to create a balance and/or harmony that will overall enhance your look?

Your Personal Image and Color Consultant will give you honest advice

What is your image saying about you? Do you rely on your best friend or someone else to do your personal shopping? How do you know if they are doing a good job? Did you know that a Certified Image Consultant professionalizes in analyzing your body shape as well as your personal color? What this means is that they will not only help you find clothes that fit, but they will also advise you on styles & shades that will accentuate your body type.

Find out what colors make you stand out…find out which ones you stay away from! Your personal shopping consultant will also give you advice on:

  • Creating Balance
  • Harmony
  • Enhancing Your Look
  • Highlighting Your Assets
  • Camouflaging Less Desired Areas
  • Properly Applying Make Up
  • Wardrobe Tips
  • And More…

A Makeup Lesson is an Investment Into Looking GreatNo matter if you are just looking for guidance on how to dress, make up use, special event wear, wardrobe suggestions, etc., your Image Consultant will help you excel your personal as well as professional style. Are you ready to start turning heads? Let a Certified Image Consultant do your personal shopping today!

If you would like to find out more about color analysis, contact ByFerial Image Consultant Training today!



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