How to Make a Positive Impression in Any Situation

The increasingly e-centric world we live in is literally training the human brain to function based on snap judgments. What you wear, how you stand, how your hair is cut or colored, what colors you select – all of this and more is wrapped into an assessment that may take the other person less than a few seconds to compile. Whether your current challenge is to ace that all-important job interview, get lucky in (online or offline) love, launch your own personal brand, or simply spend wisely when it comes to your wardrobe, fashion & color analysis just may turn out to be your new best friend.

When You Wear Your Correct Color and Style You Will Look Younger and Healthier

The science of fashion & color analysis is not new. The basics of what today is termed “color theory” were actually crafted in 1898 by artist Albert Munsell, who visualized a color system based on three aspects. While fashion & color analysis became quite popular in the 1990’s, it is just now enjoying a long-overdue resurgence of that popularity.

The basics of color theory are quite simple. Color analysis studies how seasons, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and other fundamental factors interact to create an overall visual presentation. By choosing the “right” colors, you can appear vibrant and glowing. By choosing the “wrong” colors, you may appear tired, washed out, or older than your chronological age. Colors themselves fall along a spectrum in several areas, such as “cool” to “warm” and “deep” to “light.” Some color theory systems prefer to group these characteristics under seasonal headings, such as “Spring” or “Winter.” Regardless of how color theory is applied, the visual affect of appropriate application can be nothing short of dramatic.

You can experiment with color analysis just by walking into your own closet. Select your favorite blouse. Then select a blouse you never wear. Hold one and then the other up while standing in front of a mirror. Note any differences in how each affects your overall presentation. Ask yourself if you would select one color to wear in certain occasions (such as a job interview) but not in others (such as a first date). Color analysis does not begin or end with which colors we gravitate to, but often our favorite colors may be included in our optimal color analysis palette.

Many people today are choosing to seek out the guidance of the 4X4 color theory specialists to identify their optimal color palette. With the help of color analysis and color theory you can ensure you will make an instantaneous positive impression in any situation – and in no time at all!?

However if you are not sure please feel free to consult with one of our 4X4 Certified Color Consultant for your optimal outcome or contact us direct.



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