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Welcome back, female entrepreneurs! As we close out this exciting month of business planning and marketing strategy, we need to talk profits. What’s your profit strategy? If it’s all about the sell, then your profits are likely falling short. 

The Art Of Selling Isn’t About The Sell 

Many businesses attach sales strategies to quotas and gauge profit success on selling harder and faster than competitors, even if that means hyperbole and dishonesty. It may earn you a quick influx of profits, but it will also earn your brand a negative reputation that will likely make you one of those fail statistics from our first blog this month. 

If you read our blog from last week, then you already know that your truths are the only thing that should propel your strategies. So, how do these truths transition into selling and profiting? It’s all about being client-centered. 

All businesses depend on sales to survive. It’s how you get those sales that enable you to thrive today and tomorrow, though. 

Never yell and sell. Always show and tell. 

Your goal should be a natural progression through the process a consumer uses to decide if a service or product is right for themselves. If you force or squeeze it, then that sales funnel has a high probability of collapse. 

This progression comes from truthful information and relevant knowledge. Telling the consumer honest info about what they need to know about your services and products: 

What do you do as a brand – your vision, goals, and purpose? 

• What does the product or service in your possession do – how does it work? 

• Why is said product or service uniquely qualified to address what its intended to do? 

• What’s your story of connectivity to both the service/product and the consumer? 

• What’s the end game – how will their decision impact their quality of life? 

These are questions that are shown and told with facts and meaningful demonstration to help the consumer make a sound due diligence decision, not sales gimmicks intended to produce a coerced impulse buy. Again, the latter may bolster your sales numbers in the moment, but it will not create a brand that’s trusted, respected, and empowered by loyal clients and brand ambassadors. 

That trusted, thriving brand is created by emotional connections. Customers who believe in your offerings and are connected to your story as it creates positive changes in their own story as they use your services and products. 

In having the above solidly in place, up-sales, repeat sales, and cross-sales become a natural part of the package! Your clients have a need and desire to become further entwined with your brand. They trust you to continue guiding them to complete their look, further position their success, and achieve their personal highest sense of self. 

Color analysis is a great example. Many of my clients come to me singularly seeking style help. Color isn’t on their radar at all. As I help them discover their best personal style, I’m also educating them that style and color are teammates in image victory. The discounted package deal of color and style is a natural and honest up-sell based on fact and value, and few clients refuse it once those above questions are answered in a show and tell. 
People First 

Their success is your success and your success is their success when your profit and sales goals remain client-centered, not self-centered. So, above all, keep your business offerings, your marketing, and your delivery focused on what matters most – honest value that’s equally beneficial to your brand and your clients. 




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