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It’s impossible to place a face value on the services and impact made by image professionals. We’d like to take a moment to put the spotlight on Image Consulting, which happens to be a field experiencing rapid global growth, and offer you a way to help bolster that growth even more.

Professional image consultants use their unique skill set and knowledge base to inspire and encourage professional and personal confidence within their clients. These talented professionals promote the highest standards within appearance, behavior, and communication fields, and they demonstrate the impact of each as essential skills for all to possess.

Whether it’s an individual, group, or business, image professionals work tirelessly to offer practical, personalized, and high-impact solutions to each and every client. The rewards of these efforts can be seen in aesthetic perception, internal confidence, etiquette presentation, communication, behavior, and so many other crucial facets.

The image consultant’s ultimate mission is of client empowerment and facilitating meaningful differences in their lives. As image consultants, we help people from any and every walk of life proactively tackle their challenges and celebrate their accomplishments.

From boosting personal/professional/branding images and embracing the power of detail choices in a wardrobe to makeup and hair tutorials and understanding seasonal fashion trends, professional image consultants are the touchstone for connecting appearance, self-esteem, behavior, and communication tips to help each client reach his/her highest potential.

Connect With AICI

AICI, or the Association of Image Consultants International, is the leading non-profit professional association for personal and corporate image consultants. With 34 chapters internationally, they’re also the largest.

The group is dedicated to recognizing image consultants for their outstanding work and setting the standard for industry-wide professionalism.

AICI membership offers professionals access to a plethora of resources to help better serve the goals and needs of their clients. AICI connects private and business consumers with expert image consultant industry professionals.

AICI’s International Image Consultant Day 

Each November 23rd, AICI sponsors International Image Consultant Day. It’s a date set aside for everyone from those with image consultant certificates and degrees to educational institutions and the general public to celebrate industry successes and be recognized for their own contributions

The theme for this year is Authentic Beauty Uncompromised. Everyone is unique and special in their very own way. Understanding and embracing this belief is key to being your highest, most authentic self and harnessing your true self-value. No one should compromise themselves by feeling anything less.

Join AICI in celebrating these core beliefs and practices. It’s easy to donate to AICI’s Angel Funds, which was created to support international image education exploration, initiatives, seminars, teleclasses, online learning, and so forth.

Donate Today To Become An AICI Angel 

If you’d like to join the movement to enhance the image consultant field and say thank you to those already implementing professional practices to make meaningful differences for their clients, then consider becoming an AICI contributor today. How?

It only takes a donation of $250 or more to become an AICI Angel.

Can’t contribute quite that much? No problem. If you donate $50 to $249, you’ll still become an AICI Cherub.

Any AICI Angel with $1000 cumulative contribution is automatically elevated to the coveted AICI Archangel status.





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