Let Your Beauty Shine

Women and men around the world are fascinated by the character of Joan Holloway from the TV show, Mad Men and why wouldn?t they be?? Known for her alluring curves, she exudes confidence and sensuality that immediately draws people to her ? she is all woman!? Ms Holloway revels in her curves and dresses to accentuate her womanly figure, however what is the most appealing is her self-assurance, self confidence and self acceptance which shines, through her style.

Let your beauty shine – You don?t have to be an actress in Hollywood to be able to shine; remember that we can all shine, too, by focusing on our own assets and appreciating ourselves for our own uniqueness; it is time to let your spirit illuminate the world! ?In order to truly shine from the inside out, we first need to improve our self perception then pay attention to our own personal style.

How to Improve Your Self Perception

  • Be Positive.? Concentrate on the good things in our lives.? Consider starting a gratitude diary to refocus your thoughts from the negative to the positive.? I recently watched a movie starring Resse Witherspoon called ?How Do You Know? her character is an athlete who surrounds herself with positive and reinforcing affirmations and quotes, which have been stuck all over her bathroom mirror. This is the first thing she sees in the morning – making sure every day is a positive one.
  • Value yourself.? You are unique.? Many of us tend to devalue ourselves and feel that we don?t have much to offer; at times we are often our own worst critics.? Pay attention to your internal dialogue, and when it veers toward the negative, challenge those thoughts. Instead, find something kind and true to say about yourself.
  • Be yourself.? Recognise that you are unique and special don?t compare yourself negatively with other people ? everyone else is taken so just be yourself and learn to love yourself.? Recognise and focus on your good qualities.
  • Identify your successes.? Everyone is born with talents and strengths whether? It is being a great leader, business woman, mother or trainer, whether it is being able to speak several languages, or being able to create a beautiful family dinner out of 5 ingredients. Discover what yours strengths and talents are and take pleasure in them.? Give yourself permission to be proud of your successes and abilities.
  • Live with integrity.? By following your principles, you will live a life to be proud of and that will allow you to always be proud of yourself.
  • Exercise.? It will make you feel good and look great, not to mention release those feel-good happy hormones. 20 mins a day is all you need. Yoga in front of the TV or maybe a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Smile! ?Smile in the mirror at yourself, smile at others.? You will look great and others will perceive you as being friendly and warm. Remember, smile and the world smiles with you ? it costs nothing, but can brighten up someone?s day.
  • Wear clothes that fit. Nothing will make you feel worse about yourself than clothes that make you look fat or short or awkward.? Clothes are supposed to reflect and support us so always wear clothes that fit and flatter you.
  • Fake it until you make it.? Think confident, think gorgeous and eventually you will start to feel confident and gorgeous! Positive affirmations can do wonders. When you walk into a room think ‘Joan Holloway’, throw your shoulders back and walk with the confidence of a diva.

The next step is to allow your style to reflect the gorgeous person within.? Sometimes in life we do loose our way, so with this in mind think about what qualities you want to reveal to the world.? Is it your cheekiness and sense of humor, your ambition or your femininity?? Choose clothes that reveal these qualities ? bring your personality out in the way you dress.

How to Improve Your Style

  • Know your body type.? Are you an hourglass, triangle, rectangle, oval or diamond shape?? Do you have a large, medium or small frame?? Once you know your body type, you can determine what clothes are flattering to you?it makes shopping a whole lot easier too!
  • Again, only wear clothes that fit!? This is vital to feeling gorgeous! Whether you are wearing cheap or expensive clothes, always wear clothes that fit you well.? If need be, have the item altered.? It will be worth the small investment ? but remember to do this straight away.
  • Highlight and camouflage.? Choose clothes that highlight your physical assets and disguises the less flattering parts of you.? Invest in a fantastic wrap dress ? this is a great style which is known for accentuating and flattering all body shapes and great for those days when you are having a ?fat day?. We all have them!
  • Find a hairstyle that flatters you.? It is amazing how a great hair cut can make you feel. Make sure the cut is right for the shape of your face and the image you wish to portray.
  • Wear the right colours.? Wearing colours that don’t suit your skin tone will be draining and aging. Invest in a colour analysis to determine colour which are flattering, making you look younger, healthier and energized.
  • Keep your make-up current and flattering.? Choose colours that make you sparkle and glow.? If need be, visit a professional for advice.
  • Visit an image consultant.? They can help you to develop a unique and easy to maintain style and wardrobe.

Understanding yourself and being confident in your own skin, allows you to shine from the inside out and illuminate the world with your spirit.? So, take the time to get to know yourself.? Be kind to yourself and, remember, there has never been another you in the entire history of this universe.? Revel in the unique individual that is you, and shine.

To get a head start in creating your own unique style, please call a ByFERIAL Certified Consultant for a free consultation to discuss your image needs visit www.imageconsultantstraining.com and contact an image consultant near you!



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