The Power of Scent

Finding the perfect ?signature scent? can be extremely hard. Perfume is such a delicate and personal thing, and when you have gotten it right it can give a powerful impression to your intended.. so use it wisely. Even though it might be personal, taking someone perfume shopping with you isn?t always a bad idea, because third party honesty can be extremely helpful when choosing the perfect perfume.

Scent is powerful as it can reveal a hint of your personality to passers by, or people you converse with throughout the day, and can create a statement as you enter a room. It?s amazing how something as simple as a scent can reveal so much about a person, and give a lasting first impression.

If you are going for a job interview or if you are in a work environment for most of the day.. avoid heavy perfume as it can be distracting and detract from an outfit if it overpowers the environment you are in. If you are headed to the gym? avoid it altogether! It is unhealthy to combine this with the opening of your pores whilst you sweat, just like make-up. Being sweaty and smelly is forgiven in this occasion! Contrastingly, if you are going out in the evening to a ball, gala or any event where you are dressing to the nines… a splash MORE of perfume can add to the glitz and glamour of the event, to make you feel complete and fresh.

Perfume however can be expensive for young girls and teenagers who cannot afford any expensive brands? BUT this doesn?t mean you cannot find the perfect scent! Going into large department stores and trying on the scent until you find the perfect one is a good idea? then search online for sales and deals so that you can buy your ?perfect scent?! Alternatively, perfume is the PERFECT gift idea for young women and girls!

Always remember the ?power of scent?, and use it well!



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