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“I can educate you, show you, and tell you that you are beautiful, but you have to believe it, and keep that belief alive in everything that you do. You already are a masterpiece.”  –Ferial Youakim

Both an inspiring author and an image consultant, Ferial wants every single person to understand their own positive self-value. She has run many successful image seminars for various charity groups to either raise money or help women raise their self-esteem through feeling better about their image. She has experience in engaging people to think critically, but positively in understanding their self-worth. Ferial also has spoken at many conferences about image consulting and wants to continue spreading her message about true beauty. Hosting her as a speaker will surely prove to benefit all those who are present at your event.


Hollywood, Fl – International Women’s Day, Global Trade Chamber – “Beyond Beauty: A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness”
Miami Beach, Fl – Women’s Business Council, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce – “Beyond Beauty: One Women’s Journey of Self Discovery”
Fort Lauderdale, Fl – Citrix Women’s Day Conference 2017- “Be Bold, Be BEAUTY-FULL, Be Inspired and Empowered.”
Fort Lauderdale, Fl – Sister to Sister Conference 2017- “Be Bold, Be BEAUTY-FULL, Be Inspired and Empowered.”
San Fransisco – “You Deserve To Shine”
New York – AICI Tri-State Chapter
Washington DC – AICI International Conference – “Building a Successful Business with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility”
The Humanity Projects – Kids Helping Kids
AICI International Conference in Mexico City – “How to Build Your Wedding & Event Planning Business”
Honolulu, Hawaii – AICI International Conference 2012 – “Ability, Possibility and Profitability”
Miss Australia – “You Deserve To Shine”
The King’s School – “Boys To Men”
St. Scholastic’s College – “Image and Manners Do Matter”
Sydney – “High Tea & Etiquette” to benefit Dress For Success
Sydney – Touch of Goodness Foundation – “Uncovering the Real Beauty the Beauty of Giving”
Codeltra Asia – “Professional Image Consultants”
Shanghai – “How to Become a Professional Image Consultant”
Kuala Lumper – “Dress to Impress for Your Success”
Dubai – “How to Look Ten Years Younger”
AICI Philippines Chapter Education Conference – “Ability, Possibility and Profitability”

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ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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