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Long before ?What Not to Wear? became one of TLC?s most popular shows, Ferial Youakim was helping men and women around the world look their best.

A certified international image and makeover consultant, Ferial Youakim has helped individuals achieve their personal style goals since 1987. Now, over 20 years later, she?s decided the task is overwhelming.

Move over Stacy and Clinton, Ferial Youakim is about to divulge trade secrets. ?The show is great entertainment, but does little to help the viewer apply the ?rules? to their own situation.?

?Every day I see so many people I just want to stop and make suggestions about their look, but I can?t, of course,? said Ferial. ?I?ve realized I can?t do it alone ? I can’t help everybody ? I need your help!?

So Ferial is offering her wealth of style & Color knowledge to anyone who wants to help her stamp out the fashion crimes committed daily across the country.

Through an exclusive Train-The-Training program, Ferial will share makeover business secrets that will prepare participants for a career as an Image & Color Consultant.

?Getting paid to help people look good and feel better about themselves is one of the most rewarding careers I can imagine, said Ferial.? It?s been a dream-come-true opportunity for me, but I?ve realized there?s a lot of room in this market for more consultants.?

Access to the kind of training Ferial can offer is limited, so there are very few certified image consultants in the world. Ferial Youakim?s training provides accredited certification from the Association of Image Consultants International and gives participants the tools and knowledge to start their own successful businesses.

This exclusive training is open to all men and women at a special offer. However it is limited for the first few people who sign up?NOW.?

Exclusive offer – Certified Image Master & Lifestyle Coach will be offered from February 3rd-7th in Sydney Australia. ?So hurry sign up now! ?




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