“I Don’t Know What to Wear” – Learn How


Everyone stands in front of their closet at some point in time and sighs with
exasperation, ?What to wear?? You are not alone in the quest to find the perfect ensemble from time to time. However, if your fashion dilemma is more than the simple nothing to wear scenario and you have no idea what the appropriate apparel is for a specific occasion you need to learn a few basics. Every occasion, location and time calls for a different ensemble, but there are a few guidelines you can use to base your entire wardrobe around to optimize your style, confidence and ability to dress for any occasion and to make your personal shopping experiences easier.

First, you need to determine where you?re going. Work, running errands, out with clients
or out on a date; each occasion calls for different rules. To further complicate the matter is the time of day you are going to any sort of event. In general, daytime events are less formal than evening events but the type of event, location of the event and the reason for the event can change that rule in an instant.


The simplest rule of fashion is to check whether or not the venue where you are going has a
dress code and consider that when you’re doing your personal shopping. Restaurants, hotels
and event invitations provide guests with a dress code you can use to determine what to
wear. Business casual, for instance, is acceptable most places. For this you can wear a dress,
slacks, skirt or a business suit. Casual apparel is acceptable when you are running errands,
meeting friends for breakfast or lunch or spending the day shopping.

For a semi-formal event you can wear a dress or a business suit, and men should wear a suit and tie. For a formal event you should wear a full-length gown or cocktail dress and men should wear a tuxedo.

Unless otherwise specified, it is always appropriate to wear business clothing to business or work events. If you wouldn?t wear it to the office, don?t wear it to that dinner meeting. Always ensure you include business items on your personal shopping list. Makeup should appear fresh and never overdone, no matter the occasion.

While your own personal sense of style is different than anyone else?s, you must still abide by dress codes and appropriate guidelines when dressing for any occasion.

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