How To Use Makeup Techniques For Your Face Shape

How To Perfect Your Look With Makeup

Different Face Shapes Need Different Makeup Techniques!

One of the absolute best benefits of knowing your face shape is that you can now use makeup correctly. This means that you can play with dimension, and emphasize certain parts of your face to create a powerful and stunning effect. This works great not just for business media like videos and images, but also to make great first impressions on people whom you would like to make a greater impact on. Face shapes reveal a lot about your personality and your overall approach to life. Knowing your face shape will allow you to play with dimensions so that you can know which part of your face to emphasize, and which parts to deemphasize. In this post, we’ll go over how to do this and so much more! 


A Round Face Shape

Your Dimension Tip:

To give a round face shape more dimension, you will need to create shadow by contouring along the temples, side of the forehead, and below the apples of your cheeks, all the way down to the jawline. This will help highlight your cheekbones.


Your Blush Tip:

For round face shapes cream, powder or stain blush should be applied directly on the apple of the cheeks.


Your Eye Tip:

Wax or pluck your eyebrows straight and arched.


A Square Face Shape

Your Dimension Tip: 

Use contour to soften the edges of your face, by applying it at the chin and your jawline. 


Your Blush Tip: 

Blush should be applied onto the apple of the cheek and blended upward.


Your Eye Tip: 

Keep eyes rounded and smokey to soften the angular face shape.


A Diamond Face Shape

Your Dimension Tip:

The pro’s recommend contouring at the temples, and blending the shadow toward the middle of your cheeks. This diminishes any harsh angles, and gives off a very natural and balanced appearance.

Your Blush Tip: 

Blush goes on lightly to the apples of your cheeks.


Your Eye Tip: 

Maintain a gap in between each brow, and groom the eyebrows upward. You can always use a brow gel and brow comb to keep them in place. 


A Heart Face Shape

Your Dimension Tip:

Since the chin drops without any squared corners along the jawline, a heart face shape will benefit from contouring that starts at the top of the forehead and focuses on the wider parts of the face, and the tip of the chin.


Your Blush Tip:

Since this shape has high cheekbones, opt for a bright rosy hue. 


Your Eye Tip:

Lighter eyeshadow colors like pink can highlight your eyes and make them pop.


A Rectangle Face Shape 

Your Dimension Tip:

The way to make the features of a rectangle face shape stand out is to contour along the forehead, jawbone, and the cheekbones in order to enhance your lines as much as possible. This will slim the sides of the face, lift the cheeks, and give a soft appearance. 


Your Blush Tip:

To soften the edges of your face, apply blush to the outer forehead, cheeks, each side of the jawline, and then chin. 


Your Eye Tip: 

For this face shape, dramatic eyes look great. Bold colors, black eyeliner, or smokey eyeshadow are A-OK, and you can  also round out your eyebrows and add more curve to the features. 


A Triangle Face Shape

Your Dimension Tip:

The goal for this face shape is to focus contouring downward from the ears. A shimmery highlighter can then be used above the bow and the chin to make your smile pop!


Your Blush Tip:

This face shape benefits from applying blush sideways in a V pattern along the cheekbones. Then blend from the cheekbones, to the temple and to the center of your forehead to balance the width of your forehead with the rest of the face. 


Your Eye Tip:

A dark eyeshadow works great for this face shape, because it will enhance the eyes and help them stand out. 


An Oval Face Shape

Your Dimension Tip:

Take your bronzer and blend it along your natural hairline. Next, add contour along the forehead as well as below the cheekbones to enhance your features. 


Your Blush Tip: 

Blush should be applied along the hairline and the cheeks, since you have a longer face shape. Extend the hue out to the ears, and along your jawline.


Your Eye Tip:

You don’t really need to overemphasize any features with this face shape, so opt for toned down and subtle eyes. 


What’s Next!

These make up tips help you create overall balance and harmony in your face. This can be a game changer when you have an important meeting, date, or other event or even if you’re simply creating content for your business. If you’re interested in more beauty, fashion, style and image tips join our entrepreneurial community of women just like you! 

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