How To Maximize Your Holiday Look

The Best Holiday Style Trends

Getting a couple of outfits ready to go before the holidays to kick off can really help you stay as stress-free as possible. Having a few key, functional holiday looks that make you feel authentic, trendy, and practical can lead to spending your energy on meeting new people, having a great time, and embracing the moment instead of feeling uncomfortable, insecure, and overwhelmed! With the holidays in full swing, many of us are entertaining either at home, celebrating with family or friends, or attending more social events than usual. In this blog post, we’ll give you top holiday styling ideas to make getting ready for a special occasion easy, fun, and stress-free! These holiday-inspired outfit tips will help you accurately reflect your personal style, match your surroundings, and perhaps even get out of a rut by embracing your festive side!

Holiday Parties 

Parties are all about having fun! While you ultimately always want to style for your body and your lifestyle, spicing up a holiday look can be easily done with sparkle, accessories, faux fur, sequins, and jewel tones, as well as special materials like velvet and satin. Whether you’re opting for an elegant party, a sexy New Year’s bash, a holiday work party, or simply a dinner gathering with friends, you’ll want to keep the energy high and make an impact on your appearance. More casual gatherings like holiday work party looks can always benefit from details like a sparkly metallic purse, black leather pants, a classy sweater dress, and fun footwear. Glamour and comfort should go hand-in-hand.  Holiday party looks can benefit from bright jewelry pieces, sparkle, texture, and rich colors. For example, a silk cami or sequined blouse can pair well with black or white pants in order to help you dress your look up or down depending on what’s appropriate for the event. To take it up a notch, you can opt for dresses with puffed sleeves or asymmetric ruffles, or silver and gold shoes. 


Simple outfit rules for holiday parties include:

  • If something is formal, this means black tie. Period.
  • A cocktail or dressy event means no jeans!
  • For a dressy casual event, you can go for jeans but add some glamour.

At Home Entertaining

When entertaining at home, the goal is to feel elegant but also comfortable. Obviously, your outfit selection will greatly depend on the theme of your gathering. Whether you’re planning on hosting dancing, making cookies, socializing outdoors, or simply cooking in the kitchen all day, your outfit choice should make you feel appropriate, comfortable, and of course, festive! Lace, sheer, and transparent materials can pair well with a pair of jeans. Shiny and sparkly accessories like necklaces and earrings can also make a great impression while allowing you to stay comfortable. Black is a chic, elegant and versatile color that supports any activity. It can be paired with complimentary color for your color scheme or with different textures that are bright, sparkly, or even opaque. The same goes for white! Remember, a dress isn’t the only way to be elegant either. Tailored trousers can keep you warm and comfortable but also chic and classic. Last but not least, a favorite holiday staple can also be a red or green checkered vest, dress, skirt, or blouse. Checkered patterns exude a cheerful and cozy look. 

Traveling Out of Town

Traveling usually comes down to simplicity. When traveling out of town for the holidays, it can be challenging to find outfits that you can feel festive in, yet they can also be practical enough for flights, car rides, and transportation in general. However, a few key pieces and staple elements can make all the difference no matter where you are going and what you’re doing. Accessories like hats, boots and booties, scarves, gloves, and even leg warmers can help you add extra pop and keep you comfortable. The same goes for makeup. A dramatic eye or red lip can always help you display some cheer while still dressing for comfort and function. Adding special textures, glitter, bold colors, and festive metals like silver and gold allows you to display an aura of holiday joy and make a great impact, grand entrance, or simply a wonderful first impression. If you’re going to a colder climate, a cashmere sweater always looks chic. Those drawn towards tropical climates for the holiday season can use prints like floral, free-flowing, lightweight, and breezy materials, long dresses, ruffles, off the shoulder styles, as well as white pants and tops to maintain both comfort, function, and ease. 


Now that you have some ideas on the holiday dress code ahead, you can let down your hair and spend more time enjoying friends and family and less time worrying about what to wear. Remember, your personality, body type, color palette and lifestyle are the keys that unlock any great holiday look. If you want to learn more about how to create a wardrobe that works for you, join us at ByFerial’s EMPOWER GROUP. You’ll get the training and support that you need to create the perfect look anytime and anywhere, as well as access to the top image styling tools in the industry! Plus, you’ll join a community of women entrepreneurs who have mastered image and style and want to help you create a business you love and help you look great while you’re doing it! 




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