How to Make a Grand Entrance

At any type of event, every girl wants to be the belle of the ball who turns heads as she makes her grand entrance. However, not everybody has a fairy godmother like Cinderella that can transform them into a beautiful princess with only a wave of her magic wand. Instead, women who want to make a grand entrance must project confidence and poise while looking their best from head to toe. Looking your best will not only ensure that your glowing looks will turn heads, but it will also help you to feel your best so that your confidence shines through. To help you make a grand entrance at your next big event, here are the best tips for making sure every head turns the moment you walk into a room.

How to make a grand entrance

? Pause and scan the room-When you first arrive at your event, it is important to take a few seconds to pause and scan the room at the entrance. This will not only attract attention, but it will also help you to plan your next move.

? Make eye contact and smile-As you scan the room, look for familiar faces. When they turn your way, make eye contact and smile. This one simple move makes you more approachable and friendly.

? Join a group with whom you are connected-As you walk through the room, look for a group that you are connected to so that you have an instant social group to join. When joining your group, greet any familiar faces while taking note of any newcomers.

? Have a strong introduction-It is important to introduce yourself to any newcomers in your group as well as outside groups as you move throughout the room. Always introduce yourself with a friendly smile and a firm handshake to demonstrate your confidence. During any introductions, try to remember information, such as names and interests, that you can use later to strike up conversations.



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