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Why is color more important than ever before? With the authenticity movement on the rise, more and more people are revealing who they really are and who they want to be. This empowerment of personal identity catapults style and image to the forefront. Color has been studied for decades, so it’s no surprise that it has a huge impact on human behavior. While colors mean different things based on a variety of cultures and personal preferences, it is still one of the most powerful tools to evoke emotions, stimulate different modes of thinking, and evoke reactions. 

Essentially, the most important aspect of color is its ability to create harmony. When harmony exists in appearance, it has the ability to create stronger bonds and influence perceptions. In today’s post, we’ll discuss how you can use the transformative 4×4 color system to coordinate your best colors to create a powerful image that reflects who you are…no matter the mood or season!

What’s the Big Deal With the 4×4 Color System?

The 4×4 color analysis is a form of seasonal color analysis that extracts your ideal color palette from a set of colors reflected in nature. In this way, one can wear color themes based on energy, hue, value, and chroma. 

  • Personality is based on your energy, color is energy and so is your personality. We determine your colors based on the energy you have. 


  • Hue is determined based on how many warm versus cool colors are contained in it (your Undertone).  


  • Value is determined based on the ratio of light versus dark (your Season). 


  • And lastly, chroma tells us how pure versus how shaded a color is (your Sub-seasons). 

Before the Ferial 4×4 color system was recognized, traditional color models left out shared properties of essential characteristics like skin, hair, and eyes. As a result, the 4×4 system was developed to include something called pure colors. Pure (clear) colors fall into three categories. They can be tinted (lightened), toned (softened), or shaded (deepened) depending on the color in question. Now, it’s possible to perfectly analyze the undertone, hue, value, and intensity of all completely unique skin, hair, and eye colors. When this system is used correctly, women can attune their appearance to reflect a version of themselves that is more vibrant, balanced, and healthy. 

How to Find Your Colors With the 4×4 Color System

Before we begin, let us help you find the season that matches your complexion. To do this, you will be looking for the grouping of colors that match your natural coloring.

What is Your Unique Color Combination?

  • First, we want to look at your personality, also known as your energy. Ultimately, color is energy and it’s determined by factors like movement and voice.


  • Moving on, we will be looking at your skin undertone which determines hue. Is it warm or cool? Does it contain more yellows or blues?


  • Next, we will examine your value which is found mostly in your natural hair color, but the eyes also give us clues. Is your hair value light or dark? How much white does it have?


  • Now, we will look at the eyes to detect chroma. How much gray does your eye color contain?


  • Lastly, we will examine the contrast between the hair, skin, and eyes. If you have a high degree of contrast your chroma will be pure or bright. Lower contrast is more gentle and considered soft or muted.

The 4 x 4 Color System Takes Conventional Color to The Next Level!

With the 4×4 system, each seasonal grouping above allows you to find your unique purity, tint, tone, and shade. Each category is then carefully applied to each individual, which represents a wide range of personality types, diversity, and skin tones. 


Next, let’s dive deeper into your unique characteristics and discover the unique palette that the 4×4 color system suggests for you!

How To Apply the 4X4 Color System

A 4×4 wardrobe is a breakthrough for your style and can help you establish the identity that is most authentic and accurate to who you are. Each person’s unique 4×4 color palette will fall into either cool seasons or warm seasons. The breakdown is as follows:

Cool Seasons

Pure Summer, Tinted Summer, Toned Summer, and Shaded Summer

Pure Winter, Tinted Winter, Toned Winter, and Shaded Winter

Warm Seasons

Pure Spring, Tinted Spring, Toned Spring, and Shaded Spring

Pure Autumn, Tinted Autumn, Toned Autumn, and Shaded Autumn

Depending on your unique seasonal shade, you will work with a complimentary color palette for your features.

Once you have finalized your 4×4 color palette, the next logical step is to begin applying it. The 4×4 color system can be applied to accessories,  make-up, and your wardrobe. Each of the 4 seasonal categories allows you access to an endless palette of tones, shades, variety, and diversity for your wardrobe. Moreover, these color modes will correspond with your very own emotions and attitudes of each passing season. In essence, this means you can be as subtle or as obvious as you want and need to be. 

Create A Capsule Wardrobe

A great place to start applying your new color palette is to build out a simple 4×4 capsule wardrobe for the current season. This is also called a minimalist or travel wardrobe, it is a handful of clothing items that you can mix and match into various combinations to create well-integrated looks. 

To begin you will select 16 pieces, 4 pieces at a time ( 2 bottoms and 2 tops).

Step 1. Select 4 core clothing items in your first color.

Step 2. Select an additional 4 core clothing items in your second color.

Step 3. Select 4 expansion items that combine the two colors to give yourself more options.

Step 4. Select 4 accent clothing items, often called mileage items, to give yourself more room to work with.

And, viola! There you have it. Your capsule wardrobe is ready to go. The best part? Now you can create harmonious looks that reflect balance and capture the unique identity, moods, and characteristics of who you really are in every single moment. 

Take Color Analysis to The Next Level!

Ready to uncover what color combinations bring out your inner beauty? Learn how to find the warm and cool colors that work best for you so you can shine, discover whether you fall into the pure, tinted, toned or shaded category for your season, and become empowered to select and choose outfits that will powerfully highlight your natural features. Get access to premier color analysis training and more by joining ByFerial Empower Group —> GET 1 WEEK FREE TODAY! CLICK HERE —>




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