How To Look Ten Pounds Skinnier and Lighter: Learn The Tricks of The Trade

All over the world, professionals have been using three particular tricks for decades in order to create the impression of looking lighter and slimmer. Now, we will clearly reveal the tricks of the trade in order to create the illusion of looking thin and fit.?

First, you need to appreciate and accept your body shape. By this, I mean you should have a clear understanding of your size and what is flattering on you. Moreover, it is important to dress in a style that will complement your figure by highlighting your assets and camouflaging less desired areas.

How to Look Ten Pounds Lighter

Additionally, these dressing tips are rife with illusionary methods that have been around for decades throughout the professional style world. Now, you can learn a new image and design tip from our professionals every week this month. Today’s secret is to demonstrate to you how to wear vertical design elements in order to look ten pounds lighter.

Vertical Line Design Illusions

Vertical Design Illusions

Above all, wear as many vertical design elements as you can in order to flatter your figure. In addition, this is one of the most important design tools in the fashion industry and it is used in countless movies, television shows, photo shoots and runway events.?

Essentially, the more vertical design patters you can wear, the better this will be for appearing thinner and slimmer. Vertical design is an influential style accessory that will highlight your attractive features and downplay your less attractive areas. More specifically, the most powerful design trick is a vertical line placed at the center of the body, which will create the appearance of weight loss.

Further, this line divides the body into halves in order to manifest instant slimming results. For instance, you can experiment with a single breasted jacket that is left opened or wearing an open cardigan. These techniques are designed to direct the attention away from your less desirable areas and to feature your attractive qualities by using a simple professional technique called vertical line design. Models and professionals have been working with vertical line design or many years as well as producing successful results. Now, you can utilize this tool and appear ten pounds lighter immediately.

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