How to Dress for School Proms and Formals

School Proms and Formals are very special events for both guys and girls. At the threshold of becoming an adult, you feel like you are still being chaperoned and watched over by teachers and parents. It is rare for a parent to attend a formal unless they are one of the volunteers or organizers for event, but many of the teachers will be present.

School Prom and Formal Guide

As you may know school formals are big events. The responsibility is with school and parents to make sure everything goes well for you and, believe it or not, they are there to help you have a memorable time.

The event is usually held at a local reception center or a hotel ballroom; this is why you are required to put your best outfit on and impress others. Girls traditionally wear formal gowns or cocktail dresses and guys usually dress in either a tuxedo, or a nice suit and tie. You must remember to dress comfortably considering the length of time you’ll be in your outfit. Most likely you have to endure all your parents gather and photograph you 100 times in 10 different locations and 5 different configurations. Then many students will organize a limousine to take them to their school formal/prom and this serves as another reason to make sure to dress comfortably enough to maneuver around and enter/exit the limo in an elegant manner. You’re probably not finished either, it’s common to have an after-party following the event so your outfit will have to last as long as you do.

School Prom Make Over

Here are 10 general tips for getting ready for your school prom or formal event

  1. Put your best outfit on
  2. Girls: Shoes and accessories should embellish your look
  3. Guys: Make sure your shoes are shined and wear a belt of a matching color
  4. Girls: Makeup should be complimenting your face, features and coloring (Don’t overdo it)
  5. Hair should be neat and styled (Guys: Preferably cut a week before the big night)
  6. You should wear little or no perfume/cologne
  7. Be punctual
  8. Use your manners, be civil and on your best behavior
  9. Carry and showcase your smile all the time
  10. But most of all make sure you have fun

Some wise advice:

No one will remember the color you wore or the style you selected but they will always remember if you misbehaved. Therefore make sure that you are on your best behavior and let others remember your smile, manners and good attitude.

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