How to Determine if You Are a Cool Season

Cool Summer

The most important first step in color analysis is to determine whether you are a warm or cool season. To do this, we examine the primary color elements found in the skin, eyes, and hair. However, since clothing lies against skin and skin reacts to color, knowing your unique skin color is the gateway into the perfect color seasons and all that they have to offer. Whether you’re reinventing your image and style, want to enhance your unique features, or you’re simply ready to take your appearance to the next level, a basic seasonal color analysis can, quite literally, change your life. In this post, we’ll go over the key parameters of a cool season palette to help you determine if cool seasons are right for you!

Every 4×4 seasonal color analysis considers personality, hue, value, and chroma. In just a moment, we will examine your disposition, skin, eyes, and hair to determine whether your color seasons are cool.Let’s get right into it. However, before we begin, you will need to have an accurate photo representation of your face. Snap a close up shot of yourself in front of a white wall to get started. Go ahead and print the image, or simply pull it up on your phone or desktop. 


How To Determine If Your Personality Is Cool

Do you consider yourself more of an introvert? Are you more soft spoken, calm? If you like to keep to yourself, are quiet and slow in both movement and decision making, you will move towards lighter and softer colors.  


How To Determine Cool Undertones

First and foremost, we will be looking at your skin tone. In order to understand the hue of your skin tone, we will need to determine whether the skin has cool undertones. If you detect pink, red, or blue undertones in your skin, you are looking at a cooler palette. In addition, if you burn easily in the sun you likely also have cool skin undertones. Last but not least, if the veins on your arms are blue or purple, and not green, you probably fall into the cool undertone category for skin! Please remember that if you still feel confused and unclear about your undertones, you very well could have neutral toned skin. If this is you, you can easily move between warm and cool tones and look great in either.


Do You Have Cool Eyes?

Take a good, close look at your iris, the colored part of your eye. Gray, blue, or violet colors are cool seasons. If you have green eyes, they could be warm or cool. Examine the eye closely, and see whether the green is more vibrant. If so, you fall into the cool category here.


Is Your Hair Color A Cool Season?

For this exploration, we want to look as close to your natural hair color as possible. Cool hair colors will be black, gray, ashy brown, white, and ashy blonde or dark hair in general. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that cool hair colors will not have natural highlights and typically are considered light hair colors. 


How Much Contrast Do You Have?

In essence, the two main cool seasons are winter and summer. If you are completely cool, you will have a certain degree of color contrast in your features. Summer seasons do have some contrast, but much less than those in the winter seasons. A high contrast between skin, eyes, and hair means that the hair is significantly darker than the skin tone, or the hair is very rich in color such as black, dark brown, and rich auburn. 


Find The Best Colors For Cool Seasons

By now, you should have a pretty good idea whether you are a cool season. Basically, if two or more features are on the cool scale, you will be exploring color palettes from the following subcategories of each season:

  • Pure Summer, Tinted Summer, Toned Summer, and Shaded Summer
  • Pure Winter, Tinted Winter, Toned Winter, and Shaded Winter


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