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If you have too many clothes but absolutely nothing to wear, it is time for some hard-core wardrobe organization. A closet that is chock-full of garments that rarely see the light of day is no match for one that contains clothes that are the right fit for your body, preferences and the occasion. Doing a closet revamp takes some time and a lot of letting go, but your self-esteem gets a giant rejuvenating boost afterwards.?

1. Evaluate your choices.?

Before you take out the contents of your closet, take a good look at your lifestyle and figure out what clothes are best for it. Magazine articles might tell you that all you need are a few basic pieces that you can mix and match for the entire year, but such a minimalist style may not even suit your needs. Instead, make your clothing choices based on the different aspects of your lifestyle. Usually, you will need office clothes, casual clothes for day and night and clothes for special occasions.?

2. Clean up your closet

Wardrobe organization inevitably leads to saying goodbye to clothes that have not been worn for more than a year, clothes that fit too badly no amount of alteration can fix them up and clothes that no longer look good on you. Try on every single piece of clothing you own and separate them into neat, little piles–one pile for clothes that are going back to the closet, another for those that are off to the tailor’s and the last pile for clothes that you are putting up for auction on e-Bay? or donating to the Salvation Army. Tip: Avoid procrastinating and deal with the last pile on the same day.?

3. Invest in timeless pieces


Fashion victims follow the fads whenever they come. Fashion experts forget them and capitalize upon a few, classic pieces that they can combine in different ways. These include at least:?

  • A tailored suit
  • Two pairs of trousers in neutral colors
  • Two knee-length skirts in neutral colors
  • Two well-fitting blazers or jackets
  • A classic black dress
  • A few curve-skimming tees in your?favorite?colors
  • A pair of your go-to classic pumps

Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize. A number of unique pieces, such as designer belts, bags and?jewelry, are sure to make a statement and add some personality to an otherwise smart but common ensemble.?

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