How to Choose the Perfect Hat to Get Noticed in a Crowd

An appealing hat can make an outfit all the more memorable. Consider some tips that can help you to choose the perfect hat that gets you noticed in a crowd.

The Size and Shape of a Hat

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a new hat is its brim. A basic rule to remember is that a hat brim shouldn’t extend beyond your shoulders. A hat that extends past the shoulders can overwhelm an entire outfit. Also, a hat with a brim that is too wide can keep you from seeing everything that is around you!

Stylish Hats For Women

Another thing to remember is that a person with a short neck should avoid a hat with a down sloping brim. The combination of these two things just doesn’t make for a flattering look.

Your height also plays a role when choosing a hat. For instance, a petite woman should avoid large, floppy hats and hats with wide brims. Once again, a hat like this can overwhelm a person who is small in stature. The same is true for tall, large women. They should avoid compact hats like pillboxes. The size as well as the shape of a hat should be proportionate with the size and shape of your face. This creates a balanced appearance. A rule of thumb is that people with round faces should select straw or fabric hats with round crowns and brims. In fact, an asymmetrical brim flatters a person with a face that is round in shape. Alternatively, a person with a square face should search for a lightweight hat with a flat crown and straight brim.

Stylish Hats For Women

Hats and Fashion

There are many ways that you can go about planning an outfit that includes a hat. For instance, you may have a favorite lightweight hat in a pale blue. Instead of simply matching it with a blue skirt or blouse, you may want to create an outfit with colors that contrast the hat. A white or yellow dress are two ideas to consider. Dressing in a contrasting color works well if you want to make your hat the highlight of your ensemble!

Finally, if you may want to match one part of an outfit with your hat. For example, a lavender straw hat can match a lavender scarf or belt you include with your outfit. This draws interest to both your hat and your beautiful ensemble.



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