How to Choose the Right Suit to Look Professional

We have all heard the old saying – “dress up to go up.” This statement couldn’t be any more true when trying to look professional. Business owners and the men and women in position to make hiring decisions have confirmed it over and over again: positive first impressions are critical in elevating one candidate over another. The difference between the successful candidate and the runner-up isn’t exclusively what is worn, but how it is worn.

Shirt, Blouses and Ties should compliment your suit
Successful business people have a critical eye; in many cases, they have found financial success due to their critical, perfectionist nature. No detail is missed, no stone is unturned. Apply those same exacting standards to your attire. Yes, you should wear a suit to an interview. Yes, it should be a dark color, preferably charcoal or black. Those are simple and obvious. But, successful business owners know that you can’t just “wear” a suit, you must suite up for success.

Are you ready to make that jump; are you ready to suite up for success? Grab your suit, find a good tailor and be prepared to invest in yourself and your future. Here are some tips that will propel you to new heights:

Coordinate your suite with belt and shoes

Jacket Length: Know Your Knuckles: A properly-fitted suit jacket will extend down to roughly your knuckles. It will most assuredly cover your seat. Sleeve length is important, too. When your arms are relaxed at your side, the jacket sleeve shouldn’t extend down past your knuckles. One-quarter to one-half inch of shirt sleeve should show out of your jacket sleeve.

Button Up…Mostly: This one is simple and easy. Never button your bottom button. If you wear a two-button suit, button only the top button. If you wear a three-button suit, button only the middle button. The bottom button is off limits – do not button it.

Shirts Matter: Coordinate all aspects of your overall look – including shirts, suits, belts, socks and trousers. Avoid contrasting patterns – it’s fine to have two patterns and one solid or two solid and one pattern, but avoid three patterns.

Matching Up The Details: Your socks should match your trousers and it is optimal if your belt matches your shoes.

Remember, in the business world, everyone wears a suit. Don’t wear your suit, own your suit.

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