Hijab and Fashion

My Family, Nature and my Travel are the three biggest factors that contributed to the?way I am living and to whom I am today and for that I am grateful.

My Family – My family has a big influence in my upbringing and the consolidation of?the meaning of values ?and ethics, customs and traditions.


Nature has shown me the meaning of life and beauty and the ability to dream and achieve the intended.


Travel has taught me to respect people?s values, culture, customs and traditions and that we need to adapt to every country?s lifestyle, food and clothing. Each country has a traditional dress code. As a fashion designer GCC and fashion stylist here in Saudi Arabia I learned how to adjust the way I design my fashion and dress myself without losing the respect of my religious and my ancient history.


The veil I wear gives me a unique feature of my appearance and formality, it give?me confidence in myself and in providing me to fit in today?s fashion world. So in my?work I try to keep a stylish, attractive and successful look, regardless if it was for my?personal or professional wear.

Tips to keep in mind:

1. Always remember that the veil needs to compliment the rest of your outfit or Abaya.
2. Stay away from pail colors as it can age you and wash you out.
3. The Line & Design of the Abaya needs to enhance your body shape and scale
4. A color & Style Consultation is an investment into your successful image.
5. Always select colors from your swatch to compliment your personal coloring
and personality.

If you need more information about this topic please?click on Hijab and Fashion?,?we will be more than happy to assist you.



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