Hairstyles To Flatter Your Face Shape

Hairstyles To Flatter Your Face Shape

So far this month, we’ve gone over the various components to identify face shape, and we’ve talked about matching earring selections to compliment your face shape. Today, we are going to pair hairstyles with your face shape and get you one step closer to the total look you’re after. 

Face Shape And Hairstyle Selection 101  

1) Oval 

Oval faces carry almost any hairstyle well. The gentle roundness to the hairline and jawline and the natural balance of facial feature proportions means that you can be tame without looking dull or wild without looking outlandish. 

I’d recommend avoiding bangs simply because we don’t want to hide your beautiful hairline and facial features underneath it. 
If your face happens to have any sharp features standing out, you can go with softer hairstyles, such as gentle curls, romantic side sweeps, and long layers that fall around the jawline.  

2) Square  

Square faces are equally square at the jaw and hairline, which make both stand out as striking features. Strong features require a more delicate approach to your hair, though. 

You want a style that’s going to harmonize everything, and that means keeping the look soft and subtle. 

Try offsetting the squareness of the face against gentle beach waves and elongating highlights. Start any angled cut at the cheekbone. Wispy bangs, flowing layers, and lengths past the shoulders are good choices. For shorter lengths, make sure to create some extra height around the crown. 

3) Round 

Round face shapes are full and rounded at both the chin and hairline and the cheeks are the widest points of the face. 

The goal for your hairstyles and cuts will be the illusion of length, such as by keeping volume and texture near the crown and away from hair near the center of the face. We recommend a center part or diagonal part. Straighter hairstyles that are pulled away from the face are the most complimentary. Add bangs if your forehead is high. 

4) Diamond 

The most prominent feature of a diamond-shaped face is the narrow forehead and chin. Cheekbones are comparatively wide. 

As we discussed with earring pairing for this face, you’ll want a cut and style that adds width to the top and bottom. This helps synchronize the mid-face to its counterparts. Wide, wispy bangs with a chin-length cut is your best look, but you should avoid adding any volume or texture near the cheekbones. 

5) Triangular 

The narrow part of this face is at the temples. It’s slightly wider at the cheeks, and it’s widest at the jawline. 

Compliment a triangular face by creating fullness at the upper part of the face. Draw attention away from the jaw by using lots of layers to create a full style at the top of the forehead that tapers off as it approaches the lower part of the face. 

Medium hair that falls just below the jawline is the best length for this shape. Bangs, side parts, and other styles that bring width to the top are flattering to the triangular face 

6) Inverted 

With a wider forehead and smaller jaw and chin lines, the key to a flattering hairstyle is all in the illusion. 

Fullness to hair around the lower half of the face will make the chin appear wider and forehead appear narrower. Smooth styles or wavy curls work great, especially when cropped to chin length. If hair is longer than your chin, then add some side bangs to frame the face. 

7) Rectangular 

Like the oval face, rectangular faces have an array of hairstyles that work perfectly with the features of the face. 

Try adding width and volume to short or medium-cuts for a very dynamic style, or you can go with a more natural look for longer cuts. Bangs can add a touch of softness and help balance the length of the face, especially if the forehead is long. Layers can also help add width near the cheekbones 

8) Oblong

This face shape is quite similar to the oval face, but the oblong face drags out the length more. So the goal is to add width. 

Go with high volume styles that add width at the temples. Try bangs and layering. Medium hair works best. If you do choose longer hair, then place your part off-center and move the greatest width of the hair down to the neckline area. 

Did You Find Your Perfect Hair? 

Once you know the shape of your face, finding the ideal haircut and hairstyle is just a matter of following the map of your face. Let your unique facial features shine brightly by using your hair to complement your most striking assets. 



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