I Felt Obese, Ugly, and I Thought Life Was Against Me!

I was size 20, and a hundred pounds overweight. I felt obese, ugly, and I thought life was against me. And here I am today telling you if I can do it so can you!?

high teaCome along and join us at our “High Tea” event to learn all about healthy living, lifestyle and more.

Mums on a Mission and the Lunch Bunch Divas are always looking for various ways to help individuals and professional women with new ways to look good and feel great about their look no matter what size, age, color or budget they have. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite you all to our “High Tea” event.

Jeanette Walkley, one of the masters in the health and wellness industry will be sharing her views and empowering us with her wealth of knowledge about healthy living.

Jeanette is a nutritional Counselor that takes a personalized approach, along with educational tools, to identifying toxics, pollutants and contaminants in your health and body.

So come along and join us to connect with like-minded people.

Jeanette will be covering the following topics regarding Live Blood Analysis and maintaining an Alkaline Diet:

  • Take back Control of Your Health by looking inside with Live Blood Analysis.
  • Your Red Blood Cells show the condition of your internal environment.
  • What we are looking for are any causes of disease and making corrections before it becomes a crisis.
  • Healing is Voltage. Why Maintaining an alkaline pH balanced diet is key to GREAT health and reversing the risks of disease.
  • Detoxing the Body of unhealthy addictions and healing from the inside out.

This event has passed.



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