Fashion Trends ? ?Activewear.. Why is it a trend to wear your gym gear out and about??

Wearing your Lululemon yoga slacks or your Nike ?Just do it? top to the shops has become so common? its almost difficult to find teenagers, young women and even middle-aged women out and about in regular clothes anymore. The trusty ?jeans and shirt? combo have been replaced by the new combination of gym tights, joggers, exercise top and puffer vest.

But the question is, why has wearing gym clothes beyond the gym become such a fashionable trend?

Social media has undoubtedly played the first, foremost and biggest role in setting the ball rolling on the ?activewear? trend train. Young girls following fitness enthusiasts and sports professionals seems to inspire the want, not only for a new activewear outfit, but also for being fitter and healthier themselves! Seeing a blogger on Facebook or Instagram with 1 million followers is SURE to inspire the desire for a stronger and healthier body!

High fashion and dressing to look glamorous every day may have been preferred in the prime years of fashion icon Kate Moss. But it has certainly become LESS desirable and more unaffordable?compared to the ease and comfort of gym gear as women are becoming busier!

Loving fitness and having a strong and athletic build is becoming the desired body type for women, compared to being wafer thin as was popular in previous decades.. looking FIT and HEALTHY and being comfortable every day is coming back!


This trend has not only replaced regular clothes on errands to the shops and dropping off children to school… but is also meant as inspiration to duck into the gym on your way home, making it easier to find a good balance and having a healthy lifestyle. Wearing your gym gear means having no excuse to hit the gym or go for a long walk in the park if you have a free hour in the day.

Unzip those tight jeans, and get rid of that that wired bra! Sports bras and stretchy pants are back. This fashion-meets-fitness sweet spot will have you comfortable and living a healthy and active lifestyle in no time!




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