Fashion Savvy Tips and Advice

To be fashion savvy, you don?t have to be a fashion stylist, model or fashion designer; however, there are certain things you need to be aware of and know such as your body figure. It is important to understand your body structure and shape. Once you appreciate and accept what you have, you will be better able to buy clothes that give you the best look. For instance, if you are short and somewhat overweight, you want to buy clothes that will make you look taller and thinner.

Fashion Savvy Tips

Then, take a good look at your skin coloring. If you have a cool look, you want to buy cosmetics and clothes that add harmony to your skin such as blues, reds, black or silver. For those who have a warm skin color, you need to look for yellow base colors such as orange, brown, purple or gold.

Warm Color vs Cool Color

Next, to be fashion savvy, you need to develop a style that is individual to you and you, only. You want to wear something that will set you apart and get you noticed such as beautiful and stylish jewelry, a sweater that has great designs and colors on it or a dress or suit that makes you skin color and hair stand out. In other words, when you look in the mirror with certain items on, what do you see? Do you see style, beauty and great fashion or do you see a blandness and an outfit that everyone else is wearing?

Fashion savvy clothes often contain several basic garments that you need to add pizzazz to make an outfit come to live such as a great looking colored blouse or shirt for a man or boy, a great looking skirt or pants, a savvy looking jacket or sweater for a girl, comfortable but stylish shoes, a hairstyle that complements your face and shoes that go with the outfit.

Personal Style Development

For girls and women, a hairstyle that is cut to the shape of your face and cosmetics that add to your style and look, are very important. For a great looking hairstyle, talk with your hairstylist and see what cut would look good on the shape of your face.

Being savvy is important; especially with teens and young men and women because it help with relationships, helps in social situations and also helps when wanting to get and hold down, a job. Being fashion savvy is also important when wanting to influence or get the attention of others.

To conclude, being fashion savvy is important; however, the confidence you have or don’t have inside of you when wearing the clothes, is even more important. Beautiful clothes are wonderful but it’s what is inside of you, that is what will make or break, your fashion statement!

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