Eye Spy Top Tips On How To Look Fabulous In Glasses

Eye spy with my little eye, some funky glasses that make me want to buy! With the plethora of stylish and fashionable sunglasses and spectacles on the market today, it is easier than ever to look fabulous in glasses.

Choosing flattering glasses can be a slightly daunting exercise yet it can make all the difference between looking spectacular and looking ‘ok’. Glasses are considered as a focal point; which means, they draw people’s eyes to them. So it is very important that you choose glasses which flatter your face, your colouring and your style.

The right pair of glasses can add style and sophistication to your look while the wrong pair may make you look tired, old and slightly awkward. Here are my top tips in finding the right pair of glasses:

What is my face shape? Take a look in the mirror. Is your face round, oval or square? The most flattering style of glasses to choose does not copy your face shape. For example, square or rectangular glasses flatter round or oval faces because they add definition to the softness of a round face. Round glasses enhance square shaped faces by adding softness to defined features.

What type of frame should I choose?

  • Always make sure the top of the frame is parallel to your brow line or it in some way. Small frames may fall below the brow but still run parallel or follow a similar contour line as your eyebrows.
  • The bottom of the frame should either repeat the angle of your jaw or chin line or reverse it. Alternatively, it could follow your hairline.
  • For a perfectly balanced look, your eye should sit in the middle of the glass lens.

How do I ensure a good fit?

  • Make sure the arms of the frame fit securely on your ears and close against your head, without causing discomfort. When you look in the mirror, the glasses should sit straight, rather than at a slant. When you tilt or shake your head, the glasses should remain in place.
  • The frames need to be as wide as your temples. Glasses that are too narrow will make you look like you have a big head while glasses that are too wide will make your head look small. To check the fit, look to see if the ear hooks protrudes past your ear, or if the arms bend inwards or outwards.
  • Use your weight as a guide to how heavy the frames should be. The heavier you are, the heavier the frame you can wear. Most women do well with light to medium weight frames ? unless of course you going for something dramatic.

What color should I choose?

The color of the glasses you choose should always complement your skin tone, eye and hair colour. The right colour will enhance your appearance while the wrong colour will detract from it.

When was the last time I changed my glasses?

If you have not changed your glasses in the last two or three years, it is time to consider buying a new pair. A new pair of glasses is one of the easiest ways to update your look. There are so many styles and price points available, which suit any type of budget, from Chanel to Sportsgirl you will be able to find a new pair of sunglasses easily.

I personally see glasses as jewellery for the face! Change it up, add some bling, be creative, be distinctive, be dramatic, be classic? its all up to you. Remember glasses can flatter your eyes, complement your clothes, and add sophistication or even a touch of cheekiness. Gone are the days when sunglasses were a functional item worn just to protect the eyes. Now they are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. Nicole Ritchie famously said she has over 300 pairs of sunglasses and sees it as a staple to every woman?s wardrobe. So invest some time in finding the perfect pair – or even several – to accentuate the beauty in your face and add the finishing touch to your outfit.

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