The Evolution of Color

If you would like to learn how to look your best no matter the occasion, you won?t want to miss Ferial?s new book, ?The Evolution of Color.? Inside, you will uncover what color combinations bring out your inner beauty in a way that nobody will be able to ignore.?

You will select your outfits and color combinations with confidence, and you will know how to achieve the look for which you have been searching. You will amaze and inspire people in formal situations and casual gatherings, knowing that you have made the right choice.?

With her innovative vision and eye for detail, Ferial has revolutionized the fashion industry in a way that won?t soon be forgotten. Her life experiences have put her to the test and refined her perspective, and she has used her entrepreneurial spirit to share her wisdom and vision with the world.?

Countless people from all walks of life have come to her for fashion tips, and her new book will give you rare insights into the 4X4 Innovative Color System, which is responsible for much of her success. This wife and mother has dedicated a significant part of her life to helping others gain confidence and chase their dreams, and her sense of style has touched many lives along the way.?

In addition to learning about the woman who crafted the system, you will also uncover fashion advice that you can apply to nearly any situation in which you find yourself. The book reveals the history of the color system and the story of where it began, answering all of your questions. Not only will you learn what colors work and what colors don?t, but you will also understand the reason behind each fashion tip you will get.?

As you turn the pages, you will learn how to find the warm and cool colors that work the best for you and your tastes. You will discover whether you fall into the pure, tinted, toned or shaded category for your season so that you can choose outfits that will powerfully highlight your natural features.

After reading Ferial’s book you will be able to analyse yourself and BUY your customised 4X4?COLOR SWATCH. ?



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