Empower Your Business to Succeed with A Solid Game Plan

Empower Your Image Consultant Business to Succeed with A Solid Game Plan

Whether you’re a new or an established business owner, you likely already know that entrepreneurial longevity and success doesn’t just happen. It takes so much more than just creating a brand and leaving customers to find you. So, what does it take to become the business you know you can be? Let’s start with planning. 

Be Realistic… Don’t Be A Statistic  

Less than a quarter of all businesses last 15 years or more, and almost half will fail within the first five years. It’s sobering statistics for small business owners, but those numbers should propel you forward, not give you hesitation! Why? 

All businesses can position themselves for success with one key ingredient – a mission statement and proper planning to enable that mission to succeed! 

If you don’t want to be a part of those negative statistics, then you must have a solid realistic game plan! From product development, intellectual property (IP,) and marketing to customer service and brand loyalty, this game plan is what empowers your business to be successful at all its goals, its mission. 

How Do You Empower YOUR Business With YOUR Game Plan? 

1) Align Your Actions 

“Your” is the first keyword. This is YOUR business. Learn and grow from the successes and failures of others, but always remember that this is YOUR dream, YOUR image and reputation, YOUR goals, YOUR mission, and YOUR plan. Ensure that any action or inaction aligns as such. 

2) Fuel It With Passion 

By being YOUR business, the only way to empower it is to fuel it with YOUR passion. Just as you likely don’t do business with entities you feel do not actually care about the services and products they offer… neither will your potential customers if they don’t see and feel that you have a real passion, pride, and knowledge for what you’re offering them. 

3) Don’t Just Scratch The Surface 

You mustn’t be fearful of pivoting and growing. Look within your business model and goals to see what can make your light shine brighter and be more useful and accessible to your clients. Getting stuck doing the same old things the same old ways in environments and crowds with changing facets and demands is a sure way to find yourself failing to thrive. 

4) Assess Everything Regularly 

Make sure that you’re not setting goals and leaving them to self-propel and self-adjust. They won’t! Determine whether you’ll assess your goals monthly, quarterly, or yearly based on your business model. Take an in-depth and honest look at your progression. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you should always have a survival plan for times when thriving becomes difficult to impossible. 

5) Be A Doer

Do you want patrons, employees, vendors, and industry peers to respect your business? You can’t be afraid to lead by example. For others to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself. To ask others to take action, you must be willing to be the first in line to do it yourself. If you don’t trust and use your own advice, products, strategies, etc, then how can you expect others to do so? 

6) Become An Industry Influencer

Most of the women at the top of their industries aren’t just direct service providers. They shape their industries by becoming models, influencers, teachers, and ‘the’ standard to replicate. So, don’t be afraid to share your system with others. Lay your steppingstones out so that others may follow. 

Are You Ready? 

Your business is waiting! It’s waiting for you to give it the nourishment it needs to grow and bloom beautifully. The question is are you empowering your business with a solid, realistic business plan to get it there? It may not always be a smooth ride, but you’ll never reach that mountain top of success if you’re not invested in and prepared to take the journey to the top! 



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