Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion!

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In today’s diverse world, with mixed marriages, races, and religions, it’s important for businesses to adapt to the changing times and embrace DEI. This is especially true for stylists and image consultants who may be stuck in old ways of conducting their businesses.

The old color systems and methods of conducting business are missing key elements that are essential in today’s world. It’s important to move on and adjust, embrace change and diversity, and invite new ideas and concepts that align with DEI principles.

One system that has gained popularity and is known as the World’s #1 system that works on all skin types is the Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons®. This system is based on science mixed with art and is easy to work with. It’s a no-brainer to become certified in this system and you don’t have to be a genius to understand it.

The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons® is based on 4 steps that determine the right colors for a person:

  • Client Personality – The client’s personality has the energy to wear colors that represent and align with their energy.
  • Hue – Determine if you have a cool or warm undertone. Skin color is the biggest component and one of the most important factors to consider in color analysis.
  • Value – Find the depth of your coloring, how deep or light. Determine your season: Summer or Winter (Cool & Light vs Cool & Deep) or Spring or Autumn (Warm & Light vs Warm & Deep).
  • Intensity – Determine how bright or soft your personal colors are. You may belong to the Pure, Tinted, Toned, or Shaded group (Bright, Light, Medium, or Dark group). This part is not just about being light or dark or medium or bright. It’s about being the lightest in your group, the darkest in your group, and so on.

This is where diversity comes in, and mixed marriages have contributed to the change. It’s important to embrace and accept diversity and invest in a bigger and better business that aligns with DEI principles.

We invite you to become our brand partner and join forces with us to create a more diverse and inclusive world. By adapting to new ways of running and building your business, you can better serve your clients and embrace the changing world around us. Let’s work together to build a better and more inclusive future.

To read more about The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons® or to enroll in the upcoming classes go to https://byferial.com/product/4×4-color-training



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