Dressing for a Wedding

Dressing for a wedding can be a difficult feat. You want to look your best, whilst simultaneously dressing appropriately and not trying to out-do the bride? Traditionally there have been rules and regulations for how to dress at a wedding, and the ?do?s? and ?don?t? for guest dressing. Here there is going to be some rule following… but also some breaking following tips to help everyone choose their best look for a wedding!

Rule number 1: Don?t wear white! This is an absolute wedding DO NOT! This is the color for the bride and no one else should be trying to take this away from them. There are an almost unlimited number of alternate colors to be worn, apart from this color, so just avoid this like the plague. This is a rule to follow.

Rule number 2: Don?t wear black! Now… this may be a new rule to be broken. Traditionally wearing black to a wedding is also a wedding ?don?t?. But coming into a decade where black is accepted as a modest, elegant, sophisticated color, that is easy to match with shoes and accessories? this rule could be a wedding ?do? for the future.

Next consider the type of wedding you are attending. Is it outdoor or indoor? If it is a day wedding in the outdoors, in summer or spring, perhaps ponder a floral or patterned flowy dress to suit to the weather and season. What culture wedding are you attending? Is it a Middle Eastern affair, or a Bollywood sari celebration? Go for something different! Branch out and wear something culturally appropriate or significant. Attending a wedding in style can be a fun and exiting way to show off your flair, so don?t hide away just because it?s a day for the bride! Go for it dress to impress.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun with your attire? weddings are a day off fun, food and fashion!



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