Dream Closet Part Two: The Purge

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Welcome to part two in your closet transformation journey. Last week, The Awakening opened your eyes to the specific problems your closet wears like a price tag. Now, it’s time to start cutting those ties and isolating the problems from your closet space.

The What And Why Of Your Closet Culling 

The reality is that we all make closet mistakes that leave us with a surplus of clothes and inferior pieces in the wrong sizes, colors, styles, and so forth. 

We all have shopping moments whereby sales, trends, and bad advice leave us with purchases that ultimately sit in our closet taking up valuable life-force energy and space from living our best lives. 

The good news is that we can self-examine these choices and collections for a closet re-set, a clean slate. It’s called The Purge step, and it focuses on letting go of the mistakes we’ve found. 

Before you let go, you need to understand why you grasped onto the mistakes to begin with, though. This means understanding why a purge is necessary in your closet so that it doesn’t become necessary so often. 

You’ll need to understand the why behind your inferior and surplus purchases. Only you can answer that for yourself. 

For some, it may be an attempt to replicate someone else’s best look instead of cultivate your own best look. For others, it may be the enticement of sale items, even if they’re not a fit for your closet. Perhaps, you’ve yet to learn about your best line and design and best colors, which leaves you buying display looks instead of displaying your best look. 

Take a moment to self-reflect and determine the reasoning behind the need for a purge so that you can gain the knowledge you need about your look and make better purchase decisions in the future. 

Of course, self-acceptance is a key point here. It will be impossible to purge your closet of the unnecessary and misfits if you don’t accept yourself as you are in this very moment and decide that person is worthy of having what’s befitting for today. Make healthy goals of change for yourself, but always remember that it’s impossible to achieve those goals if you don’t have the tools you need today for today’s job. 

Remember the mission statement you made in The Awakening step? Now, it’s time to apply that purpose to your closet. Use it to purge your wardrobe of anything the doesn’t serve in achieving your purpose. 

Let It Go 

Just as the magnificent trees in the forest, The Purge step retains the strong roots and core of your closet whilst letting go of the dead leaves of the past. Don’t worry if your closet looks bare. In part three, The Revamp, your closet will get ready to receive a fresh set of leaves. 



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