Dream Closet Part Three: The Revamp

Congratulations on reaching part three of your dream closet journey. By now, your closet is awake, alert, and all cleaned up. The work isn’t over quite yet, but it is time to get it prepped for the real fun. 

Usher In Your Closet’s New Look  

You’ve spent some time reflecting, examining, and making some hard decisions about cutting ties with items that don’t serve your purpose. Part three is about getting your house of clothes in order and ready for additions. 

All the pieces in your closet are keepers, and it’s time to re-home the misfits you’ve pulled out. It’s also time to organize the foundation of your new closet so that your vision of its future can be crystal clear. 

Revamp Your Closet In A Few Simple Steps 

1. Re-home Verses Make Anew 

First things first – out with the old. Decide what will become of your purged items. 

Can any useful items be salvaged with alterations, dry cleaning, or repurposing? If not, then decide how to re-home the items, such as via donations or social media or yard sales. Have a solid deadline on when the items must be removed from your living space so that they don’t end up back in your closet. 

2. Arrange 

Revisit the mission statement you made in part one of this closet series. Let this purpose guide you as you arrange what remains in your closet and create a plan to fill in the blanks with new high-value items. 

3. Inventory 

Take inventory of what you have, what you don’t have, and what you truly need to complete your total look. Pay attention to your best line and design, color choices, and personal style. 

4. Knowledge 

An image consultant and learning from the pros can be monumental in helping you ensure that each piece you have and plan to add works toward the cumulative of the personal and professional image you’d like to showcase. 

The Fun Is On It’s Way

By the end of The Revamp phase, you should know the exact looks that support your image. Your closet is primed and ready to receive those finishing touches to complete it in the last and most fun step, The Expansion. 



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