Correction and Beauty Enhancement

Because of my mission to help people enhance their image so that they can feel proud of the way they look, someone has recently told me that I should focus on anti-aging solutions, such as fillers and Botox. Rather than promoting those solutions because they can help people, this person suggested that I do so to stay relevant with the current trends. Although I understand how fillers and Botox can help in certain situations, taking action to be a part of a trend is a mistake.?

When you simply follow in the footsteps of society, you are undermining your sense of self and your confidence. Those who strive to keep up with the latest beauty enhancement trends are subconsciously communicating to themselves that they are not good enough and that they must seek external approval. Also, it’s critical you understand that you are a unique person. The solution that works great for someone else might not be the best path for you, and that’s not even the worst part.?

As you make an effort to fit in, you are putting yourself on a path that will erode your individuality. Instead of being your own person, you risk becoming nothing more than the shadow image of what others think you should be.?

Be Proud of Your Imperfections


The lines, wrinkles and imperfections in my skin and on my body tell a story. Each mark reminds me of the significant events in my life, and I can tell these stories to my children and grandchildren. The imperfections that people often try to hide are what make them interesting and beautiful in their own way. Not only will embracing your imperfections promote healthy self-esteem, but it will also send a message to others that they don’t need to impress anyone.?

A sense of freedom and inner peace are what you can expect when you internalize this concept, and it’s essential for you to realize that it’s a long-term process. So take some time each day to remind yourself that you are good enough and that each person is God’s masterpiece.

You Must Decide

When hearing my thoughts on the subject for the first time, some people feel as though I disapprove of Botox and other beauty enhancement methods, which is untrue. Like everything else, those things are tools, and the way we use them is what determines whether they have a positive or negative impact on our lives. After learning to love, accept and embrace yourself, you can decide which path makes sense for you.?

If you need a professional advice, a tweak or a complete revamp please know we are here for you. ?



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