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Varsha Chaturvedi

VChic Image Consultancy Pvt Ltd
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone: +91 9987377332

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as Varsha Chaturvedi, Image Consultant, Master Trainer of The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons TM and Chairperson at VChic Image Consultancy, Mumbai (India). Since the time I initiated my professional journey in 2018, I have been diligently growing with an approach to holistic erudition. I adopted an international route of learning by pursuing master courses in the field of Image management. Some areas where I have tested and proven my mettle are fashion trends, color analysis, etiquette, eyewear styling, body styling, personality development, and body language.

A Certified Master Trainer & Lifestyle Coach with ByFERIAL, a Member with the Empower Group since the year 2019 has strengthened my entrepreneurial journey by enhancing my proficiency in the domain. With this, I have discovered fresh skills and showcased myself as a virtuoso in the profession.

My competency merged in the vision of your distinguished organization since I became a member of AICI in 2018. This association has tremendously amplified my potential with endless opportunities to expand and establish quality in my services.

Intending to bring this guidance and mentorship into the personal lives of people, I took a bold

initiative in the form of VChic in 2019, a leading Image Consultancy firm that offers training and coaching to existing and aspiring image consultants. We have a skilled team of master trainers certified by ByFERIAL and a body of strong, reputed professionals who are associated with a majority of large multinationals and Indian corporates.

Sharing our expertise with the community at VChic, we have realized the need to partner up and becoming the face of ByFERIAL and the Empower Group for the good of numerous budding aspirants and enterprisers here in India. It is thus our ardent desire to share with them the unsurpassed benefits of the Empower Group. At VChic, we are eager to actively partner with ByFERIAL Image Consulting & Training to enhance the awareness and significance of image consulting in India & globally.

“We are the only training institute in India to offer ByFERIAL accredited training that is International recognized and approved for CEU’s”.  

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