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Oya Miranti


Email: [email protected]

Oya Miranti, experience more than 9 years of teaching, both for leading companies and large communities, who want to develop soft skills, especially personality, such as banking, insurance, industrial, BUMN, government, communities and several universities in Indonesia.
As a Color Image Consultant and Trainer, several certifications have been followed, such as Certified Image Consultant International, 4×4 Color System By Ferial International, Graduated From John Robert Power School, Levels 1-2 .
With current knowledge and experience, Oya Miranti is an expert in teaching in various fields, such as professional image, public speaking, professional look, business etiquette.
As a book author of Branding You & Great Inside Outside, Oya Miranti would like to convey that everyone has the opportunity to develop and improve their self-image.

Oya Miranti
empower master

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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