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Michaela Leitz

Confidence & Style
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phone: +49176 80368200
Email: [email protected]

I knew I wanted to be a fashion stylist & image consultant from the moment that I realized how much of my life was consumed with not feeling good enough. Never quite finding myself until now, it’s clear why so many people are coming to me for help and advice on their own personal style!

I became passionate about helping other women find themselves after spending nearly 20 years as someone who constantly felt like they weren’t adequate or confident in what they were wearing because others would judge them. Nowadays, when somebody comes up and asks if we can talk privately about clothing styles-whether just for shopping purposes or wanting more out of one item than before-it fills me with such joy knowing that soon this person will have found themselves too.

I know that many women like me have gone through the same thing. Between 19 and 20, I gained almost 30 kg which was troublesome for shopping when it came to clothes. I have first-hand experience on how to face such problems, how this is a unique type of problem but you can find ways around it by trying things out in different stores or even just looking at what works online from time to time as well as being open minded about new styles.

I dress your soul – not your size

Apart from that, I worked hard on loving myself and focused on changing my life for the better by boosting up confidence, increasing happiness, adding style to everything. This has helped me achieve all of my goals in every aspect of my life as well as others trying to do what they love most or just make their lives a little bit more beautiful. Hence my motto here at Confidence& Style: “Confidence is beauty”..

I’m not just an image consultant and fashion stylist because I have experienced many situations that resonate with a lot of people. For example, feeling insecure about their bodies or what to wear is something everyone feels at some point in time. Generations Y & Z are especially affected by the social media age where everything you do online has consequences and can be commented on – making it hard for them to determine who they want to portray themselves as (and if any). We all need someone we trust behind us when things like this happen!

I aim to instill confidence
and body positivity through what I do.

International Empower Group for Professional Image Consultants