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Mariana Romanică

Internationally Certified Master Image Coach i.t.
Bucharest, Romania

Phone: (004)0744514871
Email: [email protected]

Mariana Romanică is a Master Trainer Image Coach i.t. with over 11 years of experience, working in the industry since 2012. She has the first Style Studio in Romania to offer complete style services, innovating the market with her own #StyleDNA method. She is a recurring guest at events & TV shows, the one talking to her part of the world about the latest trends, best style tips and benefits of Image Consulting.

Her services include both individual 4×4 Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style sessions, beauty courses, personal shopping & wardrobe edit, but also makeovers, fashion styling, workshops or seminars. She works online and offline with clients across the world.

In 2020 she expanded her brand with the Capsule Wardrobe (Garderoba Capsulă®) fashion collection – a concept based on 13 items which can be mixed in more than 70 outfits, personalized by color type, body shape and style personality.

Her motto:
You deserve to know how amazing and beautiful you naturally are!

Mariana wants to make the science and benefits of image consulting known across the world. The empowering and transformational effects of understanding your style, shape and color is what she’s fascinated about. The quality of life improvement she’s seen in her clients is what fuels her evolution. Who she is today as a professional, mentor and trainer is the result of top training, continuous learning, expanding her professional horizon and working with so many people – witnessing the blooming of their life and being humbled to contribute to the amazing effects.

She is fuelled by performance in every aspect of her profession, and is a true believer in continuous education. That’s why, for the last 11 years, she gradually completed her expertise within the necessary and extended areas of Image Consulting, such as Fashion Design, Pattern & Tailoring, Make-up, Hairstyling, Personal Growth and Training.

Professional expertise

ByFerial 4×4 Certified Professional Image Consultant
Certified in Fashion Design, Pattern & Tailoring
Certified Professional Make-up Artist
Certified Hair Stylist
Certified Personal Growth Consultant
Certified Trainer

Mariana is a mother of three – boy, girl & puppy, she is a wife and a friend, a woman of the 21st century who values herself and others. She loves dancing, singing and writing poetry. She loves the seaside and flowers, being creative and learning new things.

In the ByFerial family, Mariana appreciates the community and the high area of expertise. Working in an international environment, with consultants from across the world, experiencing different cultures and mindsets is what she finds the most exciting.

A “social media star” and the next “Color Guru” as described by Ferial Youakim herself, Mariana is the East European pioneer in International Image Consulting and Training as part of the ByFerial family.

Marian Romanica Image Consulting Romania
empower master

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