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Lorna Kennedy Murray

Image and Etiquette Consulting
Toronto, Ontario

Phone: 14167382017
Email: [email protected]

Lorna Kennedy Murray finds inspiration in the cherished memories of her Jamaican upbringing, a time when family ties, delightful meals, and a strong sense of formality shaped her fundamental values.

Drawing from these nostalgic experiences, she has developed a service philosophy that radiates warmth and community, placing importance on the dwindling art of etiquette and embracing the timeless charm of elegant presentation.

Formally educated in etiquette, Lorna uncovered a profound link between manners and the image projected in social and professional spheres. This realization fueled her desire for further education, leading her to earn certifications as a skilled Image Consultant and Etiquette Consultant. With this dual expertise, she uniquely bridges the divide between refined manners and a polished appearance.

Lorna’s mission goes beyond the surface, as she passionately collaborates with clients to boost their self-confidence, enhance their appearance, and refine their behavior and communication skills.

Her dedication to revitalizing the significance of etiquette shines through in every interaction, seamlessly blending professionalism with a sincere love for hospitality, leaving a lasting impression on those she assists.

In essence, Lorna Kennedy Murray isn’t just an etiquette and image consulting expert; she acts as a catalyst for personal transformation, guiding individuals towards heightened self-assurance and a refined, polished presence.



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