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Laura Jane Ratliff

Laura Jane Ratliff LLC
Rock Springs, Wyoming
United States

Phone: +1 801-326-7300
Email: [email protected]

My name is Laura Ratliff, and I’m from Sydney Australia! In 2018 I met my husband Bart on an interview for his podcast, and exactly one year and one day later we married in beautiful Salt Lake City surrounded by family and friends.

I owned and operated a children’s entertainment business in the US and Australia until the world changing event in 2020 and I decided to shut down my company after 10 years… I focused my attention on image consulting, helping women find true confidence within through personal style….

Over the past year I’ve worked with hundreds of women online in the US and Australia helping to finish a look with amazing fashion jewelry to put the wow factor in their wardrobe and inspire them to greatness.

This year my husband and I purchased a new home in the beautiful city of Rock Springs, WY.  We love our community and along with our new Dalmation and Yellow Lab puppies Matilda and Bo.  We’ll be looking forward to starting our family, and splitting our time between Rock Springs and Sydney Australia…

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