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Jeallaina Irvin

Beauty to Style
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
United States

Phone: (267) 824-2331
Email: [email protected]

My name is Jeallaina Irvin. Known as the “Jeal of All Trades” from beauty, to style. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Image Consultant. I am also Founder and Creative Director of Beauty to Style where I empower powerful women who feel like they’re not always presenting their most authentic selves.

These rising leaders are not being taken seriously because of how they look or they may be suffering from imposter syndrome. They know they have the knowledge and skill base to exceed all expectations but feel that the packaging could be better.

For these women it’s time to create and attract the kind of people and opportunities that align with their best authentic selves. And that’s where I come in — I provide life changing makeovers (virtually and in-person), that transform women’s beauty, style, and confidence.

Open six days a week, helping women all over the world gain confidence and reclaim their power – one makeover at a time.

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