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Giada Baldini

Accademia Nuova Bellezza
Firenze, Italy

Phone: +39 3492281213
Email: [email protected]

I am Giada Baldini, Beauty Engineer, born in 1982 and based in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, Italy.

I graduated in Culture and Fashion Design  in Florence, as a trend researcher (cool hunter).

In 2010 I opened my first business company, Fashion Image. Since 2012, from behind the scenes, Nicola Bandoni, my business partner, guides and supports my activities of Positioning, Marketing and Off-line and On-line Sales in order to achieve important goals.

After 10 years and many experiences, in 2020 I gave a new cut to my business (at the side of Nicola) that today moves on 3 assets:

B2B : I am the founder of a new generation Academy (Accademia Nuova Bellezza), which offers business training courses to professionals in Beauty and Fashion. I created with Nicola also an Event Brand dedicated to colors, that represents the new Power for fashion and beauty operators in the 3rd Millennium.  With this Event we introduced the 4X4 Color System By Ferial  in the Italian Market thanks to our knowledges and strategies. Working since 2019 by Ferial’side, I can say I am the only one in Italy who knows all the secrets of the 4×4 Color system.

B2C : I am the founder with Nicola Bandoni of a Community dedicated to all those contemporary women who want to learn how to keep up their standards of beauty every day (open during the first Italian lockdown) # IO STO CON LA BELLEZZA, thanks to a new “beauty method” that I created by myself and that carries my name (Baldini Method®). Within this community, we have created structured products and services to meet the beauty needs of every woman.

B2B2C : I am also the creator of the “Wellness with style” service (Benessere con Stile) offered to cancer patients by an important Italian Association. Through my “beauty method”, these women can finally return to life and recover their beauty and femininity after the difficult oncological path.

My  mission is to make Beauty accessible to every woman through a pure and innovative education,  that makes it totally comprehensible and available.

“Be happy, to be Beautiful!”

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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