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Dana Skaf

Body Wisdom
United States

Phone: 6105854146
Email: [email protected]

“With the Body Wisdom™ Lifestyle program, not only have I created the body I have always wanted, but my confidence skyrocketed. I no longer have anxiety; I have a new perspective on work and life balance and I am loving my life!”

Dana is certified in nutrition counseling, image consulting, yoga, and personal training. Dana was the first Body Wisdom™ coach and recently became the owner of the company. Dana has great success in leading groups and individual clients who have achieved exceptional results. She is also the co-developer of the online Body Wisdom™ Breakthru program. She is a lifelong learner and has also benefited from Ayurveda courses provided by the Deepak Chopra center. In her 20-year corporate career, she has been recognized as a distinguished individual for her exceptional customer service and professional integrity.

For most of her life, Dana searched for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a traveling corporate executive for over 20 years, she suffered from stress, anxiety, and yo-yo dieting which had a tremendous impact on her physical and mental health.

Dana found the Body Wisdom™ lifestyle program and learned that creating healthy habits and eating balanced meals was the answer to managing her anxiety and keeping the weight off. Dana lost 30 pounds with the program and has kept if off while finding her home now as a graduate of the program. The Body Wisdom™ Lifestyle program unlike other restrictive approaches is healthy, safe and encourages a balanced array of healthy foods such as fruits and bread. These are often prohibited in other programs!

As a healthcare executive coaching other business owners, Dana decided to create a new self-care life path for herself. She decided to combine her love of yoga and dance with her passion for nutrition and create a new career path providing weight loss and nutrition counseling to others.

Dana has helped countless others lead a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle combined with long-lasting weight loss. She continues to be on a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey to transform herself as well as share her knowledge and wisdom with others.

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