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Cristina Bucur

Bucuresti, Romania

Phone: (004)0771684820
Email: [email protected]

Cristina Bucur is a Certified Personal Stylist and Image Consultant with a profound passion for the transformative power of color. Her expertise lies in crafting personalized solutions to boost self-esteem through Color and Style services, complemented by the nurturing of inner confidence through Coaching.

Cristina’s unique strengths stem from her analytical mindset, backed by a robust background in Science and research, which she ingeniously applies to fashion and clothing choices. This practical approach is beautifully balanced by her deep appreciation for the vibrancy of life and the myriad hues of the world.

Her diverse array of services encompasses individual 4×4 Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style sessions, personal shopping & wardrobe editing, as well as dedicated coaching. With a global reach, Cristina seamlessly serves clients both online and offline, transcending geographical boundaries.

Cristina’s own style journey was ignited after embracing motherhood. This pivotal moment transformed her perspective, enabling her to view her evolving body with a newfound appreciation for her strengths rather than perceived imperfections. Motivated by this personal transformation, she embarked on a mission to empower others, guiding them towards self-empowerment inside and out through coaching, color, and style.

Her unwavering mission is to inspire women to live authentically, nurturing the courage to pursue their dreams while feeling and looking empowered.

Professional Accolades:

  • ByFerial 4×4 Certified Professional Image Consultant i.t.
  • ByFerial 4×4 Certified Color Consultant i.t.
  • Certified Coach
  • PhD in Physics

Beyond her professional pursuits, Cristina is a dedicated mother to a lively toddler, a loving wife, a supportive sister, a devoted daughter, and a cherished friend. As a 21st-century woman, she aspires to balance it all and wholeheartedly understands the aspirations of modern women. Her passion for exploration takes her on delightful journeys with family and friends, where they uncover new places and experiences. Cristina firmly believes in continuous learning, self-improvement, and giving back to her community.


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