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Bayan Bahi

Güzel Bayan

Phone: +201024496776
Email: [email protected]

Bayan Bahi is an Egyptian Modest Image and Color Consultant and the founder of Güzel Bayan – جُوزلْ بَيانْ. She has developed her own proven Veil with Confidence Styling System and Blueprint to liberate ladies longing to wear the veil from their inner conflict so that they can harness the confidence to step out in style and wear their values unapologetically.
Being someone who wears the veil herself and knowing the struggles some ladies go through when choosing to dress modestly, she aims to empower ladies with the knowledge and tools that can help them express their True Self through the veil.
She believes that self-confidence is a product of discovering and loving your authentic self. Her goal in life is to inspire the world through true modest fashion.
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