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April Branch

A.P. Styles
Richmond, Virginia
United States

Phone: 804-909-1901
Email: [email protected]


I am super passionate about creating wardrobe looks that are specifically for others to feel confident so that they can discover their personal style and image that will allow them to shine like a star!

I have been in the fashion industry in a handful of different ways. I have worked as a personal stylist to provide my clients with selected, key wardrobe and fashion pieces for my client’s personal wardrobe, various musical concerts, a musical video, an album release party, and even a clothing boutique style set up for the Shops @ CEO! All while continuing to learn the ins-and-outs of working behind the scenes in fashion, to create looks for my wonderful clients. I have worked with extraordinary people, music artists, a musical band, boutique shop CEO, and more, while owning and promoting my own natural products business, and also working as a claims examiner for a billion dollar travel insurance company!

Then Covid-19 happened in our country and things changed…

My claims examiner position was officially eliminated in September 2020 and a new season opened up for me! Literally and spiritually! I knew that the world was shifting my entrepreneurial focus by opening up new doors of opportunity and it was time for a shift in my career path! Through this recent career revision and all the various wardrobe styling opportunities, I realized that there was ONE common factor in all of them…

What I was passionate about THE MOST and what really FULFILLS me, is seeing the face of a person who started with a visual image of what they desire to fashionably convey, SHINE THROUGH, and actually come to life! Personally, it is the absolute BEST feeling in the world!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management. Along with my education, my styling and fashion opportunities, and working with wonderful clients…I have the tools and styling experience needed to ensure success when it comes to personal style, image, and wardrobe goals!

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