Color, You, And The 4×4 System

Color, You, And The 4x4 System

Are you completely over the overcomplicating of applying color in your life? The average human can perceive over ten million colors, and most color application systems leave you guessing and confused. 

Before you get so frustrated and overwhelmed that you make the mistake of ignoring the importance of color, you should meet the 4×4 Color System! 

Color, You, And The 4×4 System 

Fact: Everything you put on yourself and surround yourself with has two main components – color and style. This is true whether you’re decorating a room or setting your closet up for success. 

Yet, we sometimes push color to the back burner in our selections because the color systems being used to best apply it are often confusing and ambiguous. But, as you’ll see here, that doesn’t have to be the case if you have the right color system in your corner. 

Style and/or color? Which is more important is similar to asking if the chicken or the egg crossed the road first. In other words, both must coexist in harmony to bring life to your total look. 

Right style with the wrong color equals the wrong look. Right color with wrong style equals the wrong look. So, let’s discover the revolutionary 4×4 Color System to help you simplify getting color consistently right in your life. 

Once you master the application and use of color in fashion, makeup and interior design you’ll see that your total look starts to pull together in ways you never thought possible. 

What is the 4×4 Color System? 

The Universal 4X4 Color System (16 seasons) is a groundbreaking system that was discovered in early 2000. Of course, the 4X4 system works with all skin types, meaning anyone can use it as a color-coding tool. 

Unlike any other color system you might have tried before, the 4×4 itself is an art form that merges science and art to offer you precision, accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity in applying color to all facets of your life. 

It’s specifically designed to work around the color wheel, which offers you a straightforward guidepost. No guessing. No complex calculations or long drawn out process to get to your answers. Simple and effective. 

How Does The 4×4 Color System Work? 

The first four in the 4×4 Color System is in the original four seasons: 

1) Spring – Fresh, bright, fun, warm, and delightful spring colors representing growth. Spring’s vibrancy yields colors with a yellow base. 

2) Winter – Bold, icy, cold, and sassy winter colors representing the sharp contrast of light and dark. Winter’s chilly tone yields colors with a blue base. 

3) Autumn – Gold, heated, deep, fiery, and strong autumn colors representing the self-motivated turn of fall. Autumn’s assured nature yields colors with a golden base. 

4) Summer – Soft, subtle, gentle, relaxed, tranquil, and calm colors representing accomplishment of life and vitality. Summer’s euphoric joy yields colors with a pink base. 

Matching Season To Skin Tone 

As the name 4×4 implies, it takes the above four seasons and uses another four factor to help you discover your perfect colors. That second four in this system is your skin, hair and eye tone. 

The above four seasons are fine-tuned by the four main categories: 

1) Pure – Brightest skin, hair and eye tone that’s representative of growth and newfound life. 

2) Tinted – Lightest hues resembling the depth of a cloudless sky. 

3) Toned – Medium tone range akin to the richness of soil and tree bark. 

4) Shaded – Deep tones symbolizing the depths of the earth and existence. 

Each 4×4 category is fine-tuned to represent a range of colors and be applied to a variety of skin, hair and eye tones. 

Get Started Using The 4X4 System Today 

We live in a world of color, which makes it imperative that we learn how to harness color as an asset. 

This system was created for people just like you. Color doesn’t have to be some tedious and perplexing process that still leaves you guessing. 

No! It should be fun to use, easy to apply, technically accurate, and consistent in the results. Beyond that, it must also be teachable – something anyone and everyone can learn. 

The above is exactly why the 4×4 Color System was invented! 



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