Color Analysis for Business Wear – Be Fashionable at Work

Color Analysis for Business Wear

The job market is tough enough without having to worry even more about the way you look. You have to take the time to evaluate the visual message your personal image is communicating to your audience. Analyzing your wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to tweak your image, and color analysis is the simplest and most effective step you can take to transform into the new you. You have defining characteristics to consider like complexion (warm, cool, yellow/golden or blue/pink undertones), hair color, and eye color (brown, blue, gray, hazel) while rebuilding your wardrobe such as:

  • Complexion (warm, cool, yellow/golden or blue/pink undertones)
  • Hair color
  • Eye color (brown, blue, gray, hazel)
  • Season, location (climate), career (corporate, artistic), and your age are also factors.

What your clothes, and the color of your clothes are saying to your audience is referred to as an appearance message. You want to gain a thorough understanding of what your appearance message is saying to the receiver. The colors alone speak volumes; invoke emotions and create certain energies. If you want to improve your visual communication, become familiar with some of the characteristics associated with color.

Color Analysis for Corporate Fashion

  • Red – power, balance, confidence, well grounded, stability, perception
  • Orange – risk taker, sociable, fearless, responsible
  • Yellow – wise, responsible
  • Green – nurturer, love, forgiveness, loyalty
  • Blue – authority, intuitive, expressive, discipline, communication
  • Purple – creative, imaginative, clarity, intellect
  • White or Violet – understanding, awareness, spirituality

Save your brightest colors as accents to a calm, yet commanding color palette. When you have meetings or a presentation, wear hues of red so you’re the center of attention.

An example of a great color combination would be a burgundy or burnt orange pant suit; or a-line skirts with a printed blazer and white blouse. No big jewelry, collars or bows, they will deflect attention away from the business at hand.

One color that’s appropriate in all career settings is blue. You can never go wrong wearing blue. Navy blue in particular projects you as an authority figure in your field. In a corporate environment personalize classic patterns like pinstripe and houndstooth, by mixing motifs and utilizing the style that offers color prints as an option.

If you have a more flexible career, stick to classic pieces like pencil skirts or ties, in a variety of color and prints. You can pair it up with neutral tones, black, or white for a perfect balance. Color analysis can help your wardrobe say you are a seasoned professional, but chic.

For a color analysis and consultation to improve your corporate fashion wardrobe, contact a certified ByFerial Image Consultant – Click Here to Find one near you.



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