Choosing Your Image Consultant Training

As a career professional, choosing your image consultant training is an important process on the road to your success and that of others. In the vastly competitive professional marketplace, image consulting has become more popular than ever both as a career, and a sought-after professional service.

Image Consultants TrainingAspects of Image Consulting

Many people are competing for the same jobs. Appearance and?demeanor, while always important, has become even more instrumental in the hiring process. From traditional employment, to independent contractors and entrepreneurs -? everyone?can benefit from the advice of an image consultant. This is another reason that image consultant training has become so popular.

Physical image is how people perceived individuals visually. While appearance is important for many reasons, several aspects to the art of image consulting exist.? For example, image consultant training also addresses etiquette by evaluating the way that people talk and behave.

In addition, verbal and non-verbal personal image attributes can organically change, when a person’s physical image is adjusted to better suit an identity, goal or purpose. Image consultant training can instruct students on how to professionally access and inspire the most natural efforts toward overall personal?behavioral?adjustments that affect image. ?

Image Consultants TrainingImage Consulting Training Components

ByFERIAL?Online Training Webinars?offer expertise and convenience combined – for an interactive and effective approach to image consultant training. This program is designed to provide students with all of the skills and information necessary to become an Image Consultant or Fashion Stylist professional.

ByFERIAL?Worldwide Training Seminars?focus on the skills to become a knowledgeable and professional makeover expert, through participation in an exclusively designed Image and?Color?training program.?

ByFERIAL?is an internationally recognized image consultant training firm offering specialized certificate programs that are recognized, accredited and approved by The Association?Of?Image Consultants International (AICI). For over 35 years, Founder, Ferial Youakim has consulted for numerous industries, retailers and organizations. Her work has been published in many publications, such as ?Healthier Today? magazine, the Hills newspapers, the ?Middle East Times,? ?The Daily Telegraph,? and has been featured on the ?Today Show.? She was?Nominated?for ?Australian of the Year? for her many personal and professional contributions.

Please?contact?ByFERIAL?to find out how our image consultant training programs can empower you for this most exciting and satisfying career. The image consultant training you receive will allow you to share newfound expertise to assist others in achieving their life goals – to improve your life and theirs.



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